DJI Air 2S Smart Controller Combo


DJI Air 2S Smart Controller Combo 
The complete all in one experience 

The DJI Air 2S embodies the best of the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic Air 2 to create this ultimate all in one drone that allows you to capture it all. The Air 2s features a brand new 1-inch 20MP CMOS sensor, powerful autonomous functions all in a compact body that weights just under 600 grams. This all in one powerhouse of a drone introduces 5.4K/30 fps, ActiveTrack 4.0, APAS 4.0, up to 12km Transmission range and obstacle sensing in 4 directions.

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Big World, Bigger Sensor 

The DJI Air 2S comes equipped with an impressive 1-inch sensor and a large 2.4μm pixels.
With the larger sensor, the DJI Air 2S is now capable of capturing 5.4K/30 fps and 4K/60 fps video. 
Capture all your moments with rich clarity, authentic colour to create beautiful results. 

From our testing, the DJI Air 2S camera outperforms the original Mavic Air 2 in every aspect and at times, has performed better than the Mavic 2 Pro. 

Bring out the shadows 

With the new and improved sensor on the DJI Air 2S, you now have 12.6 stops of dynamic range meaning you can extract details from both the highlights and shadows to provide a clean, colour rich and eye-catching image. Photo editors will love the raw files that come out of the Air 2S, they are significantly easier to work with compared to the original Mavic Air 2 and gives a lot of wiggle room such as the image below. 

DJI Air 2S Intelligence 

Active Track 4.0  Yes | APAS 4.0  Yes | QuickShots  Yes |  MasterShots  Yes 

DJI engineers have packed the latest DJI Air 2S with the latest in all of DJI's signature technologies. With the new ActiveTrack, you can expect even better tracking and autonomy especially with the two new upwards facing sensors. Furthermore, DJI has included MasterShots for the first time into their drones. 

MasterShots is an easy way to get cinematic looking videos without physically flying the drone. At the touch of a button, you can get the drone to fly by itself and it will zip around the subject, capturing different angles. After a couple minute, the drone will then compile all the footage into an easy, shareable clip! 

How to Bind DJI Smart Controller to DJI Air 2S? 

  1. Activate and Update the DJI Smart Controller Firmware. 
    1. Firmware update is found in the settings and scrolling to the bottom to software update.

  2. Turn on and plug DJI Air 2S Drone into DJI Assistant 2 to update drone to the latest firmware. 
    1. DJI Assistant 2 can be downloaded here: 

  3. Go into settings >> “Aircraft Management” (under wireless and networks) >> Add Device >> DJI Air 2S >> Hold DJI Air 2S Battery down until pairing sound plays and aircraft flashes with yellow lights >> Paired.

  4. Go into DJI Fly and activate aircraft to fly!