DJI Care Refresh (DJI Mini 2)


With DJI Care Refresh, you will receive a prioritized replacement service. Accidental water damage is covered. Greatly reducing the time it takes for you to get back in the air.

Please Note: Your Care Refresh Activation Code Will Be Emailed Instantly After Purchase

For Mavic Mini 2, the first DJI Care Refresh replacement fee is AUD $79, while the second replacement is AUD $89. Fly Away Coverage replacement fee is $379.

AUD $79.00 

DJI Care Refresh Two Year Plan Available

DJI Care Refresh Osmo Pocket

DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive protection plan that offers affordable replacement service and accidental damage coverage.
Enjoy your DJI product with greater peace of mind wherever you go. 

Two Fast Replacements
DJI Care Refresh offers two replacements in one year (12 months).
You can have your product replaced a small additional cost if an accident occurs.
First replacement fee: $79 AUD
Second replacement fee: $89 AUD
Flyaway Coverage replacement fee: $379 AUD

Full Coverage, Hassle Free
Accidental damage is covered by the replacement service, including collisions, water damage etc.
The replacement units are brand new or equivalent to brand new products in performance and reliability. 

Free Shipping
DJI will cover shipping costs both ways anytime a product is sent back for replacement service.

DJI VIP Service

VIP Service
Whenever you require technical support, DJI technical experts will provide VIP service to you.
Your problem is DJI's priority and anytime your product needs repairs or a replacement,
your needs will be prioritized as a VIP customer.