DJI Care Refresh + (DJI OM4 SE/ OM4)

Item Code: CRFPOM4

Offers you the chance to renew your Care Refresh by extending its coverage for one more year, as well as providing one more opportunity to replace your DJI product. Furthermore, the warranty period of your product will be extended.
For DJI OM 4, the replacement fee is AUD 16.

Please Note: Before purchasing DJI Care Refresh +, ensure that the DJI Care Refresh purchased for your gimbal is still valid, and there is at least one replacement left.

Click here to check the status of your Care Refresh Plan

Each time you request a replacement with a small additional charge, you’ll receive a replacement unit that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.
After DJI Care Refresh + is purchased ,your service agreement will be sent to you via email. The replacement service's coverage starts when DJI Care Refresh expires. Your product’s warranty period is immediately extended for the duration of the service and ends when the replacement service expires.
After DJI Care Refresh becomes active, you will have the option to purchase DJI Care Refresh +.

If you have a DJI Care Refresh activation code, click here to bind it to your OM4

AUD $15.00 

DJI Care Refresh Plus Information D1 Store

DJI Care Refresh for DJI Osmo Mobile 4.


Does the DJI Care Refresh Extend My Warranty Period? 

1 Year Plan does not extend the standard 12 Month Warranty. 
If your drone is purchased through D1 Store, your drone will have the 2nd year extended warranty (excluding batteries) by default. 

2 year Plan does extend the standard 12 Month Warranty out to 24 Months Warranty. This is calculated from when the DJI Care Refresh is bound to your drone. 

What happens If I am not eligible for DJI Care Refresh? 

Email [email protected] with your drone model and serial number. We will ask for 2 simple photos and will re-open the care refresh binding window for ~24 hours. 

When does the DJI Care Refresh period start? 

It is calculated from when the DJI Care Refresh service is bound to your aircraft no matter when your device was activated, 

How do I bind my DJI Care Refresh? 

Visit and enter your Activation Code (Serial Number on the invoice), Your Drone Serial Number and your Contact Details. 

What if I miss the DJI Care Refresh Binding Period? 

No Stress! Email [email protected] with your order number, drone serial number and model. Our team will them provide the necessary instructions to get your Care Refresh bound! 

How does DJI Care Refresh differ from Manufacturers Warranty? 

The DJI Care Refresh covers for Pilot/User error whereas the Manufacturers Warranty covers the product malfunction due to a non-user error.

If a malfunction occurs during the warranty period, DJI will provide the appropriate service whether that is replacement or repair. 

If a user error occurs, you will simply need to pay an excess fee (if you have enough replacements remaining on your care plan) and DJI will exchange the damaged drone for a replacement drone (if the error occurs when the Care Refresh plan is active). 

Does the DJI Care Refresh plan support International Coverage or International Stock? 

Only the following products support international coverage: DJI OM Series, DJI RS2, DJI RSC2 and DJI Pocket 2. 

The DJI Care Refresh for Australia can only be bound to Australian Stock (has AU on the barcode sticker). All claims with AU DJI Care Refresh will need to be done with the Australian DJI Service Centre. 

How can I see the terms of service? 

Please view the terms of service here.

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