RTK-G + Datalink Pro Pack

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D-RTK Quick Start Guide
Datalink Pro Quick Start Guide

Note: RTK-G: Using a GPS+GLONASS dual positioning module, RTK-G is suitable for most countries and regions worldwide. RTK-B: Using a GPS+BDS dual positioning module, RTK-B’s positioning performance surpasses RTK-G in areas covered by BDS. RTK-B is recommended for use in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

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D-RTK is a high precision navigation and positioning system specially designed for
DJI A3 series flight controllers. Using dynamic differential technology, it provides
ultra-accurate, centimeter level 3D positioning. This enhanced accuracy over typical barometer, compass and GPS systems makes D-RTK essential for commercial, industrial and scientific applications where accuracy is imperative.


Precise positioning of one centimeter vertically and horizontally is made possible through dynamic differential technology.
This extreme accuracy allows for the creation of repeatable flight routes that provide reliable and valuable visual data essential for commercial and industrial scenarios.

Barometers commonly found in UAS systems may suffer from altitude discrepancies when faced with fluctuations in airflow, such as during takeoff, under braking, or after extended flying. This affects an aircraft's flight, and introduces unwanted data
variation that complicates workflows. D-RTK's precision altitudinal calculations reduce variation to one centimeter, effectively eliminating variations, giving professionals data they can rely on.

Dual antennas create heading references that are significantly more accurate than possible with a single compass sensor. By removing compass dependence, the system is also resistant to magnetic interference, such as those generated by metal structures and high voltage power lines, allowing for accurate flight in environments where other aircraft cannot function.

Specifically designed to work with the A3 series flight controllers over DATALINK PRO
wireless transmission links, D-RTK provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of industries. Support for DJI GO and DJI Assistant 2 allows seamless connection to a Ground Station Pro' for accurate, repeatable flight paths ideal for surveying, agriculture and aerial inspection. 'With A3 & LB2.

DATALINK PRO is a wireless datalink designed to withstand magnetic interference, with support for the DJI A3 and D-RTK. It features a number of features and work modes enabling it to be tuned for the needs of different usage scenarios.

Two data transmission modes are supported: Full Duplex and Broadcast. In Full Duplex Mode, two-way data transmission is carried out between one base station and one mobile station. In Broadcast Mode, data is simultaneously transmitted from one base station to a maximum of 32 mobile stations.

A range of ports are provided to allow for use with highly customized aircraft, including USB, CAN and UART. Ports can be individually selected by toggling a switch, and data is automatically transmitted from one port to another.
*With A3 & LB2.