Matrice 100 -Z30 Gimbal Mounting Kit

Item Code: M100P35

AUD $269.00 

The X5/XT/Z3 Series Gimbal Installation Kit provides all the necessary parts to install the Zenmuse X5/XT/Z3 series gimbal and camera onto the Matrice 100 aircraft. 

In the Box
Upper Plate x 1
Mounting Rail Set x 1
Gimbal Mounting Bracket A x 1
Gimbal Mounting Bracket B x 2
Gimbal Mounting Plate x 1
Damper x 4
Landing Gear Leg (185 mm) x 4
Battery Power Extension Cable x 1
8-Pin Gimbal Cable x 1
10-Pin Gimbal Cable x 1

DJI M100-Zenmuse X5 Series Gimbal Installation Kit User Manual