Mavic Mini Charging Base

Item Code: MAVICMP19

AUD $59.00 

DJI Mavic Mini Charging Base


The Mavic Mini Charging Base has a sleek, industrial design where the base will charge the Mavic Mini with ease.


The Mavic Mini Charging base connects to the DJI 18 W USB charger with a standard Micro USB Charging Cable.
There is a magnetic micro USB that attaches to the port of the Mavic Mini.
When the Mavic Mini is placed onto the charging base, the magnetic port will make connection with the base terminal and start charging. 


Model Number: TE-MCB-001
Operating Temperature: 5 degrees to 45 degrees.
Input charge is 5V/3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A.
Output charge is 5V/3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A.


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