DJI OM4 (Osmo Mobile 4)

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Magnetic, ultra-compact, and bursting with easy-to-use features, The DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is the ultimate 3-axis smartphone gimbal for sharing your world.

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DJI OM4 (Osmo Mobile 4)

The DJI OM4 (Osmo Mobile 4) is designed to help you capture life's extraordinary moments with perfectly framed, smooth and in-focus videos. This foldable smartphone gimbal stabilizer is designed to compliment your smartphone, allowing you to start recording right away without needing to worry about getting the balance 100% right. Enjoy intelligent features such as Gesture Control, ActiveTrack 3.0, Story Mode and Quick Roll. This mobile gimbal is the ultimate solution for sharing your best moments with the world.

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Magnetic Quick-Release Design

Feel The Pull

The DJI OM4 uses either a magnetic phone clamp or a magnetic ring holder to allow the mounting of the smartphone to the gimbal. This simple magnetic attraction makes it really easy to get the OM4 up and running in no time. The magnetic clamp has an attraction force of 50N, which will handle even the heaviest smartphones.
The Magnetic phone clamp is incredibly thin and lightweight making it easy to carry around yet it is durable to clamp onto your smartphone.
The Magnetic ring holder attaches to the back of your smartphone and can act as a kickstand, ring holder and will snap straight onto the OM4. With both these magnetic mounts, there is a guide built in to ensure it snaps on with the correct orientation.

Intelligent Features

Reimagine What is Possible

The DJI OM4’s intelligent features make creating and capturing content extremely easy and is the perfect way to capture your next viral hit (especially in portrait mode) for that latest TikTok trends or any other trends on SnapChat, Instagram Reel or a YouTube Short.

ActiveTrack 3.0
If you’ve been using ActiveTrack on your DJI Drone, you will love the ActiveTrack on the OM4. It allows you to follow your subject with absolute ease. In the latest update, the OM4 can easily recognise adults, children, pets with even great accuracy. You can also fine tune your framing with the joystick to get it absolutely bang on. This is a great way to capture your own vlogs, recording a lecture/keynote speaker and helps create a cinematic story.

Dynamic Zoom
Dynamic Zoom is a new function that allows you to warp your footage for extra cinematic flair making your friend and family wowed by the end result!

Story Mode
If editing has neve been your strong foot, story mode takes all the stress and hassle away. It’s a simple one tap creation where it will automatically help capture footage in an interesting and unique way.

CloneMe Pano
This is a fun mode that allows you to strike a different pose in the panorama where it will pause in between frames to help you move and get ready for the next shot.

Gesture Control
If you’re taking a group selfie or a solo-portrait, the gesture control is the way to go where a simple gesture will remotely control the Osmo Mobile 4 to either start recording to take a photo. It’s never been easier to snap a pic!

Creative Possibilities

Make Every Second Count

Time Lapse and Motion Lapse are extremely easy to set-up and execute on the DJI OM4. Simply follow the prompts, angle the OM4 and you’re all set!
Spin Shot mode adds a new dimension to the OM4 where it will performan a parallel roll, which is perfect for transitions in your videos.
Slow Motion will make the most out of high frame rate video on your smartphone.
240 degree panoramas and 3x3 panos allow you to make a super wide and long shot!

3-Axis Stabilisation

Don’t Settle for Shaky Footage

Never post a shaky video ever again with the superior stabilisation of the OM4. Even with additional lenses mounted onto your phone, the OM4 motors are capable enough to keep your smartphone steady and your video buttery smooth.

Enhanced Control

Designed for Absolute Efficiency

Flashlight Mode
A newly added sensor helps the OM4 recognise your movements and automatically adjusts positioning, making low-angle shots easier than ever.

Quick Roll
Press the M button wide to quickly switch between portrait and landscape modes for even more added convenience.

Single-Handed Control
A comfortable and ergonomic grip allows the user to control the gimbal and all buttons with just one hand.

Stand By Mode
Important phone call on the way? Easily pick-up the phone by simply by pulling the phone off the clamp.


Why Make The Upgrade?

The DJI Product Engineers have listened to feedback from users and noted how users claimed the Osmo Mobile 3 was too bulky, inefficient and just too ugly with that colour. They have solved these issues with a foldable, detachable and more aesthetically pleasing colour. Instead of leaving your Osmo Mobile in the bagm you can bring it everywhere you travel now!

In The Box

1 x DJI Osmo Mobile 4 (OM 4)
1 x Magnetic Ring Holder 
1 x Magnetic Phone Clamp
1 x Grip Tripod
1 x Power Cable
1 x Storage Pouch 
1 x Wrist Strap

Osmo Mobile 4 In The Box D1 Store

Unfolded: 276×119.6×103.6 mm
Folded: 163×99.5×46.5 mm
Weight Gimbal: 390 g
Magnetic Phone Clamp: 32.6 g
Magnetic Ring Holder: 11.4 g
Compatible Phone Weight 230 ± 60 g
Compatible Phone Thickness 6.9-10 mm
Compatible Phone Width 67-84 mm
Type 18650 Li-ion
Capacity 2450 mAh
Energy 17.64 Wh
Voltage 7.2 V
Charging Temperature 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
Operating Time 15 hrs
* Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced.
Charging Time
2.5 hrs * Measured with a 10W charger.
Gimbal Charging Port USB-C
External Device Charging Port USB-A
Universal Mount 1/4" Threaded Hole
Consumption 1.2 W * Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced.
Mechanical Range Pan: -161.2° to 171.95°
Roll: - 136.7° to 198°
Tilt:-  106.54° to 235.5°
Max Control Speed 120 °/s
Model Bluetooth Low Energy  5.0
App DJI Mimo
Length: 138 mm
Diameter: 32 mm
Weight 72 g

Question Answer
Can I detach the Magnetic Ring Holder and attach it to my phone again?  No. The sticker on the back of the ring holder is disposable and can only be used once.
Can I detach the Magnetic Phone Clamp and mount it to my phone again?  Yes.
What is the magnetic force of DJI OM 4? 50 N.
Is the surface of DJI OM 4, the Magnetic Ring Holder, and the Magnetic Phone Clamp easily worn down? Due to the new quick-release design, these parts may be worn down due to constant attaching and detaching. However, it won’t have any impact on the functions and performance as long as your OM 4 is still under warranty. 
Will the magnetic design of DJI OM 4 affect my phone or other objects? DJI OM 4 will not affect the performance of the phone attached to it. However, some phones may require callibration after mounting. The magnetic design may influence other magnetic products. Do not put OM 4 near a bank card, cardiac pacemaker, hard drive, or similar devices.
Does DJI OM 4 support phones that are lighter and thinner than average?  For more information, please refer to the phone compatibility list on the official DJI website. 
How do I correctly mount the magnetic phone clamp or magnetic ring holder to OM 4? Avoid pinching your fingers and ensure the phone is mounted correctly.
What do I do if the gimbal is visible in the frame after attaching a phone? Due to wide-angle lenses and phone sizes, some users may see the gimbal in camera view. Users can try the following:
Adjust the position of the magnetic phone clamp and move it away from the camera until the gimbal is excluded from the camera view.
Does DJI OM 4 require balancing before use?  No. Due to powerful motors, accurate balancing is not needed for DJI OM 4. When using the magnetic phone clamp, you only need to keep it approximately in the middle of the phone; when using the magnetic ring holder, please follow the instructions and attach it correctly.
What phones do DJI OM 4 support?  For detailed information, please refer to the phone compatibility list on the official DJI website.
Does DJI OM 4 support Gesture Control? What gestures are supported? Yes. Connect your phone to OM 4, launch the DJI Mimo app, tap the gesture icon next to the shutter and tap (?) to view detailed instructions. OM 4 can recognize the “palm” and “V” gestures.
How do I use ActiveTrack 3.0? There are three ways to use ActiveTrack:
1. Press the trigger to track the subject in the middle of the frame automatically;
2. Manually select and track the subject in the app interface;
3. Enable Gesture Control and use a gesture in (?) to begin tracking, take a photo, or record a video.
How do I switch between Portrait and Landscape orientation? Power on OM 4, and press the M button twice to switch between the two orientations. You can also transition between portrait and landscape by rotating the roll axis manually.
How do I enter Standby mode with OM 4?
1. Power on DJI OM 4 and press the M button till you hear a beep indicating the gimbal is already in Standby mode;
2. Power on OM 4 and press the M button three times to enter Standby mode.

Once standby mode is enabled, press any button to exit the mode. 
How do I use SpinShot? When the gimbal is in video, slow motion or Hyperlapse mode, go to settings and enable SpinShot. Use the joystick to complete a spin shot of 270 degrees.
How do I use the customized templates in Story mode?  Go to Story mode in camera view and select Custom Story.
How do I use DynamicZoom? Tap DynamicZoom mode in camera view, and start using this function by walking steadily forward or backward. 
How do I use CloneMe? Select CloneMe from Pano, tap the shutter, and OM 4 will automatically take a photo every five seconds and move the gimbal to the next position. After taking three photos, it will automatically stitch them into one photo.
How do I lock the gimbal? Power on DJI OM 4, then press and hold the trigger to lock the gimbal.
How do I enable Sport mode? 1. Connect your phone with DJI Mimo app and enable Sport mode in settings;
2. Power on DJI OM 4, press the trigger, and then press again and hold to switch to Sport mode. Once you release the trigger, Sport mode will be disabled.
How do I recenter OM 4? Make sure the gimbal is powered on and working normally, then quickly press the trigger twice to recenter the gimbal.
How do I switch between the front and rear cameras? 1. Switch between the front and rear camera in the DJI Mimo app;
2. Quickly press the trigger three times.
Does OM 4 support Bluetooth? Yes.
Compared with Wi-Fi connection, what are the advantages of OM 4 Bluetooth connection?  Connecting via Bluetooth is faster than connecting via Wi-Fi. Devices using Bluetooth will link automatically once they are paired. Connecting via Bluetooth also saves more energy than connecting via Wi-Fi does.
How do I forget connected devices? 1. Forget connected devices in the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone.
2. Press and hold the shutter button, trigger, and M button simultaneously for one second to forget the connected device.
Is the firmware of Osmo Mobile 3 also compatible with OM 4? No. DJI Mimo app will provide the correct firmware version once connected. 
How do I know the firmware update status of OM 4? When the firmware is updating, the status indicator will flash red and green. If the firmware update is successful, the indicator will turn solid green. If the firmware update fails, the indicator will flash red and green, and simultaneously, you will be notified in the DJI Mimo app.
What do I do if the firmware update fails?  1. Restart the gimbal and try again;
2. If your phone still fails to connect with DJI OM 4, please contact DJI After-Sales. 
How do I control the zoom of my phone with DJI OM 4? Use the adjustable zoom slider on the left side of the handle to zoom in and out. Image quality is subject to the phone's camera performance.
How many operation modes does DJI OM 4 support? There are 4 modes: Upright, Underslung, Flashlight, and Side Grip. 
Is DJI OM 4 waterproof?  No.
What should I do if the gimbal is unbalanced after powering on?  1. Check if the phone has been properly mounted onto the gimbal;
2. Perform Gimbal Auto Calibration;
3. Perform Horizontal Gimbal Adjustment in the DJI Mimo app.
Can I use DJI OM 4 with a phone case?  1. It is not recommended to attach the ring holder to a phone case;
2. Phone cases can be used with the magnetic phone clamp. 
What’s the difference between DJI OM 4 and Osmo Mobile 3? 1. Brand-new magnetic quick-release design for a more convenient mounting experience;
2. DJI OM 4 is integrated with new intelligent shooting modes such as DynamicZoom and CloneMe;
3. DJI OM 4 supports Flashlight mode.
4. DJI OM 4 has a stronger motor.
Can I use ActiveTrack, Timelapse, and Pano in Portrait orientation? Yes.
Is ActiveTrack 3.0 equally effective when shooting with the front and rear cameras? The front and back cameras perform similarly in terms of tracking. However, only the back camera is able to track a person’s profile and continue tracking even if the subject turns his/her face. 
Can ActiveTrack 3.0 follow pets and children? How reliable is it? Yes. However, the precision may differ between smartphones, and it performs better when tracking a single child (0 to 6 years old) or pet.
What are the differences between Timelapse, Motionlapse, and Hyperlapse? 1. Timelapse is suitable for recording the passing of time at a fixed scene by mounting the OM 4 on a tripod or base.
2. Motionlapse allows users to record a moving timelapse video by setting camera points.
3. Hyperlapse allows users to record everything passing by as they hold the gimbal in hand and walk. ActiveTrack 3.0 provides more options for flexible shooting.
Can I set camera parameters in the DJI Mimo app? 1. For iPhones, tap the camera icon to adjust ISO, S, and EV, and change the white balance in settings;
2. As of now, Android devices cannot change exposure parameters via the DJI Mimo app.
Can I adjust the tracking speed with the DJI Mimo app? No.
Can I set the zoom speed with the DJI Mimo app? Yes.
Can I set the speed of the joystick? Yes.
Can I set video resolution? Yes. The maximum video resolution depends on your phone’s camera. Please visit the official DJI website for the compatibility list.
Will changing the video resolution in DJI Mimo directly affect my phone’s video resolution? No.
During recording, does the DJI Mimo app show how much video storage space is remaining on my phone? No.
Can I shoot slow motion videos? For iPhones, yes. For other smartphones, it depends on the phone’s camera. Please visit the official DJI website for the compatibility list.
Why does it take so much time to generate a DynamicZoom video? The algorithms for image stabilization and zooming require a certain amount of time for calculation.
Can I enable metering, pull focus, or manual zoom when recording a Motionlapse video? Motionlapse does not support manual zoom, but you can adjust other general parameters.
How many camera points can I set for Motionlapse? At least two points and four points at most.
Can I also save the original photos when shooting a Panorama? Yes. You can enable the “Save Pano Original” function in camera settings in Pano mode.
Where are photos and videos captured by DJI OM 4 stored? All photos and videos will be saved to the phone's album.
Can I use Glamour Effects for photos and video? Yes. Some smartphones support shooting 1080p or 720p videos with Glamour Effects enabled. 
Can Glamour Effects be enabled when shooting with the front and rear camera? Yes.
Can I record with a live view with the DJI Mimo app? No.
Can I use an external microphone connected to the smartphone when recording with the DJI Mimo app? Yes