PGYTECH Action Camera Suction Cup

Item Code: P-GM-132

AUD $63.00 

Action Camera Suction Cup

Explore the world with a suction cup.

Osmo Actino Camer Ball Suction Cup

Double Ball Structure

The double ball and socket joint gives the user a 360 degree angle adjustment, meaning you can adjust according to the different shooting scenario. 

Large Suction Cup

Using a strong elastic resin, the thick suction cup creates a large force giving a stable and reliable hold. 

Action Camera Suction Cup PGYTECH

High Strength Materials 

The middle link between the two joins are made from a high strength aluminium alloy making the device sturdy, durable and light weight. 

Foldable and Portable

Once folded up, the mounting system is small enough to carry around in your pocket with your Osmo Pocket/Osmo Action.

Osmo Action Camera Suction Cup