Phantom 4 (Ex-Demo)

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Limited Time Only Sale - 2 Left In Stock. Phantom 4 Ex-Demo with Extras.

1 x Phantom 4
1 x Battery Charging Hub
1 x Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery
1 x Polar Pro Gimbal Lock
1 x NEW PGYTECH Phantom 4 Series Carrying Case

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DJI Phantom 4

Ex-Demo Phantom 4 PGYTECH Combo

The DJI Phantom 4 is an award winning drone that provides excellent quality for it's now discounted price.

The Phantom 4 is currently one of the very few drones in its class to have a 28 minute flight time along with a 3-axis gimbal and a 12 MP camera. The image quality on the Phantom 4 is on par with some of it's new siblings such as the Mavic 2 zoom. The powerful Phantom 4 has a max wind resistance of up to 10 m/s and a transmission range of up to 5km in FCC mode. The Phantom 4 allows you to shoot in JPEG and RAW photos, making it perfect for your drone photography journey. 

Why Ex-Demo?

Ex-Demo drones allow you to purchase your dream drone at a discounted price. These Ex-Demo drones are sourced from our events, store displays, rental fleet along or preowned. The flight time of each drone is varies but has been serviced by an Authorised DJI repair technician. For an accurate state of the condition, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Maximum charge cycles on the batteries is 18. 

What's in the combo? 

In this combo you will receive the following; 

1 x Phantom 4 Drone Unit with propellers 
1 x Phantom 4 Remote Controller
1 x Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery
1 x Phantom 4 Intelligent Battery Charger 
1 x Phantom 4 Charging Hub
1 x PGYTECH Safety Carrying Case 
1 x PolarPro Gimbal Lock 
1 x PolarPro ND8 Filter