RoboMaster TT

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NEW STEM Product!
The RoboMaster TT (Tello Talent) is a fantastic way for students to start to learn about AI and how they integrate with robotics. It delivers powerful flight performance with a compact footprint and uses the cutting edge DJI flight control algorithms to ensure flight safety and stability.

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RoboMaster TT

RoboMaster TT

Unleash Your Creativity

The DJI RoboMaster TT is developed by DJI Education and are focused on lowering the barrier of entry into AI learning and its integration into Robots. It's aimed at keeping students engaged and expands upon their curiosity with STEM. The RoboMaster TT builds off the successful and solid foundation of the Tello EDU and adds extra accessories to facilitate multi-drone control and Ai applications through the excellent software and hardware scalability. In addition, the RoboMaster TT provides complete drone and AI courses and loads more.

A Small Drone for Big Dream

As the industry's leading educational drone, RoboMaster TT delivers powerful flight performance with a compact footprint, and uses the cutting-edge DJI flight control algorithms to ensure flight safety and stability. It also has a 5MP HD camera, which delivers smooth and stable flight images. The newly added ESP32 open-source module and other programmable modules are combined with a diverse programming environment to create a professional drone education platform that is convenient for both teachers and students.

Open Source, Customizable Gameplay

Built-in ESP32 Open Source Module

The built-in ESP32 chip provides the Arduino and Micro Python open source programming environments, and supports the Arduino, Micro Python, graphical programming, and multiple offline programming methods. It creates an open-source flying hardware platform for students and teachers that makes it convenient for students to learn embedded programming and develop various applications of aerial robots.

Better Visual Experience

Programmable Breathing Indicator

When using RoboMaster TT with the RGB full-color LED indicator, you can control the light color and flashing frequency through graphical programming, Python, Arduino, and other programming methods. In this way, the programming result is more intuitive, and the flight effect is more impressive.

Obstacle Avoidance for Intelligent Awareness

Integrated ToF Infrared Ranging Sensor

RoboMaster TT is integrated with a single-point ToF sensor, with the maximum measurement distance of 1.2 meters. The drone is suitable for a range of applications in various teaching scenarios, and can implement environmental perception and intelligent obstacle avoidance.

More Innovations Displayed on the Screen

Programmable Dot-Matrix Screen

RoboMaster TT has an 8×8 red-and-blue LED dot-matrix screen. You can use the graphical programming, Python, Arduino and other programming methods to display various simple patterns, simple animations, or scrolling characters on the dot-matrix screen. On this basis, the dot-matrix screen provides more possibilities for man-drone interaction.

Highly Stable Dual-Band Communication

New 5.8-GHz Wi-Fi Module

This module supports 2.4-GHz/5.8-GHz dual-band communication, which greatly improves the stability of the drone connection and enables the drone to better adapt to its environment. The drone can fly smoothly in complex Wi-Fi environments. In the classroom teaching scenario, more drones can be connected simultaneously than before, and the stability of multi-drone formation is enhanced.

Explore More Possibilities

Adapter Extension Board:

It provides the 2×7-pin 2.54-mm in-line package interface, supports the I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO programming protocols, and provides the 5-V/3.3-V power supply. With this board, you can easily add and debug new sensors for more creative ideas.

More Creative and Intelligent

RoboMaster TT's highly integrated open source extension kit can be used together with its open camera video stream data to implement more diversified AI applications. In addition, by using the new RoboMaster SDK, cutting-edge AI technologies such as machine vision and deep learning can be used in the classrooms of primary and secondary schools. This makes AI more familiar, and enables learning through play for better results with more fun.

Supports External Third-Party Sensors

RoboMaster TT comes with a sensor adapter, which supplies power for third-party sensors. The official DJI SDK is also available to all users in order to support multiple programmable sensor interfaces, such as I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO. Students can easily expand sensors and develop programs to produce more AI applications.

RoboMaster SDK Based on Python 3.0

With the Python 3.0 RoboMaster SDK, you can easily learn the Python language and program to control drones. You can also use the SDK to create your own applications, implement the interaction between RoboMaster TT and RoboMaster EP, develop your own AI algorithms, and give full play to your creativity.


RoboMaster TT adopts a safety-first design and incorporates the following physical and software protection methods to ensure user flight safety: blade protection, precise hovering, and low-battery alarming.


RoboMaster TT uses the new 5.8-GHz Wi-Fi module, which features a lower signal transmission delay and better anti-signal-interference performance. On this basis, the multi-drone formation process and experience become smoother


RoboMaster TT supports using graphical programming, Python, and other programming languages for multi-drone formation programming. In addition, students can use the app to set up simple multi-drone formation easily and quickly

More Impressive

With the programmable LED indicators, music, and actions, RoboMaster TT can change lighting colors and their frequencies, delivering an even more impressive multi-drone formation effect.

More Fun

Adapter extension board: It provides the 2×7-pin 2.54-mm in-line package interface, supports the I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO programming protocols, and provides the 5-V/3.3-V power supply. With this board, you can easily add and debug new sensors for more creative ideas.

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Takeoff Weight 87 g
Dimensions 98 × 92.5 × 41 mm 
Max Flight Time 13 minutes
Max Flight Distance 100 m
Max Flight Height
30 m
Max Flight Speed 8 m/s

Photo Effective Pixels: 5 MP
Still Image Size 2592 × 1936
FOV 82.6°
Video 720p/30fps
Photo Formats
Video Formats

Open Source Controller
Weight 12.5 g
Dimensions 49.5 × 32 × 15.2 mm
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
MCU ESP32-D2WD, dual-core at 160 MHz, 400 MIPS
Open Source Support  SDK development
Graphical programming
Scalability  14-pin extended interface

Ranging Dot-matrix Screen Extension Module
Dimensions 35.3 × 31.5 × 8.6 mm
Dot Matrix Driving Function IIC interface
Automatic dot-matrix scanning
256-level adjustable overall brightness
256-level adjustable single-LED brightness
Max Distance Measured 1.2 m