Zenmuse XT2 336x256 19mm 9Hz

Item Code: ZXT2B19SR

Usher in the latest generation of enterprise drone solutions with the dual vision XT2. Combining the power of a FLIR Tau 2 thermal with a 4K visual sensor and unprecedented stabilisation, the XT2 utilises onboard machine intelligence to allow your teams to identify what’s important in real-time. With advanced features such as heat tracking, MSX and temperature alarms transform your data into powerful real-time insights to save time, money and lives.

Resolution: 336 x 256
Lens Option: 19 mm
Frame Rate: 9 Hz

Matrice 210 RTK XT2 Drone

Resilient Dual Thermal & Visual Sensor

Bringing together FLIR’s Tau 2 radiometric thermal sensor and a 4K visual sensor encased within an IP44, weather resistant package.

<50 MK

Thermal sensitivity (NEDT)

12 MP

Visual Sensor

30 Hz

Max Thermal Frame Rate


Ingress Protection

Real-Time insights, focus on what’s important

The XT2 is not just your regular dual vision sensor. Packing onboard Machine Intelligence, the XT2 makes use of a multitude of Computer Vision algorithms to ensure you identify the important details in real-time, when it counts.

Temperature alarm

Instant audible and visual notifications when temperatures within your scene exceed your preset value.

Heat tracking

Lock the XT2 onto the hottest temperature in view, allowing you to concentrate on flying while the XT2 keeps the critical information in its sights.


Bring clarity and detail from the visual sensor into your thermal image, utilising the power of dual vision.

Temp Check

Tap for spot check or select and area for real time temperature measurements, displaying the hottest and coldest points as well as the average temperature.

Quick track

Drag and select to quickly track an object.


Select specific bands of temperature to focus your scene on the data that’s important to you.

Color Palettes

Select the colour palette that allows you to perform your workflow efficiently.

Picture in Picture

Select how you view the scene with dual sensors, side by side, overlap or Picture in Picture.


The invisible is no longer a mystery. Expose details that are hidden from the naked eye, discover small changes in temperature not only large temperature differences. From discovering structural damages, lost people or animals to greater insights in firefighting, to name but a few.


Discover hidden faults, your equipment gets hot before a failure.

Allow regular inspections within hard to reach areas,

Safety and Security

Keeping a birds eye view, manage and coordinate teams in the safest way possible.


Uncover faults and maintenance without risking safety.


Quickly identify lost or stranded people in varying terrain and lighting conditions.

Renewable energy

Conduct regular surveys of your equipment to discover faults, before they spread.

Enterprise ready

Combined with our Enterprise line of drones, the XT2 opens a world of possibilities. Compatible with the M200 series, M200 V2 series and M600 Pro, allowing you the freedom to choose the best aircraft your your needs.

The M210, M210 RTK, M210 V2 and M210 RTK V2 allow you to expand your capabilities with dual gimbal support. Augment your setup by combining the XT2 with the Zenmuse Z30, to not only give you thermal imaging but also giving you powerful 30x zoom in one familiar package.

Matrice 210 RTK ready

Matrice 210 V2 Combo

Matrice 600 Pro

Matrice 210 Refurbished