Mavic Pro Fly More Combo (DJI Refurbished)


27 Minute Flight | 12 MP Camera | 4K Video
Extra Accessories and 1 Year Full Warranty

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1 Year Warranty

DJI Official Refurbished Product

Flight time
27 Minutes
Control range
7 KM
65 KM/H
Video resolution
Camera resolution
12 MP

AUD $1,499.00  $1,699.00

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Mavic Pro

Take Professional-Grade Photos and Videos with the Mavic Pro 


Don’t let its size fool you — the DJI Mavic Pro packs multi-vision sensors, more powerful range, a 3-axis gimbal and a 4K camera all into one, portable drone. You’ll be able to fly farther, longer, and more safely thanks to its OcuSync transmission, 27-minute flight time and Flight Autonomy feature.

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DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Wherever You Go (Drone Features Overview) - D1 Store

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvass easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. 24 high-performance computing scores, an all-new transmission system with a 4.3mi (7Km) range, 4 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Fly for Miles (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

Fly for miles. From your pocket.

Inside the Mavic’s pocket sized remote controller is DJI’s brand new OcuSync transmission technology, with a range of 4.3mi (7km)* and Full HD 1080p/720p video streaming.
*FCC compliant, without obstacles or interference.

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - No Bumps (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

No bumps and scrapes

When you know what’s in front of you, you won’t bump into it. The same is true of the Mavic. Using FlightAutonomy it can see obstacles as far away as 49ft (15m) in front, so that it can fly at up to 22mph (36kph) while avoiding the things it sees.

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Precision (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

Absolute Precision

FlightAutonomy technology means the Mavic can hover precisely in more environments, and automatically land almost exactly where you took off

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Fly Longer (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

Stay flying longer

Why fly for 10 or 15 minutes when you can fly for up to 27*? With the Mavic you can.
*Tested in a lab under optimum conditions

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Pixel (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

Use every single pixel

The Mavic is the only drone of its size to carry an integrated high-precision 3-axis mechanical camera stabilization system, giving you crystal clear photos and smooth videos, without losing a single pixel.

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - 4K Video (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

True 4K video. No compromises.

When you have a 4K sensor, you expect 4K results without compromises. Every shot you take with the Mavic Pro can be up to 4K, captured at 30 frames per second.

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - 4K Video (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store

Shoot like a pro. Automatically.

You will not need a film crew when you fly the Mavic because all you need is ActiveTrack. Just tell it who to track and it handles the rest, making you shoot like a pro.

Trace – Follow behind or in front of your subject, or circle it as it moves.
Profile – Fly alongside your subject.
Spotlight – Keep the camera trained on your subject while you fly almost anywhere.

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Frames (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Control (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Level Headed (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store DJI Mavic Pro Australia - Commands (DJI Mavic Pro Features) - D1 Store
Accessories Mavic Pro  Mavic Pro Fly More Combo
Aircraft x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-remote-controller.jpg Remote Controller x 1 x 1
Intelligent Flight Battery x 1 x 3
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-intellegent-flight-battery Charger x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-power-cable US Power Cable x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-platinum-tip-propeller Propellers (Pair) x 3 x 5
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-RC-cable-lightning-connector RC Cable (Lightning Connector) x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-RC-cable-usb-type RC Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector) x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-RC-cable-standard-micro RC Cable (USB Type-C Connector) x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-gimbal-cover Gimbal Cover x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-gimbal-clamp Gimbal Clamp* x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-power-cable MicroSD Cable* x 1 x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-rc-cable-slider RC Cable Slider (Large)* x 2 x 2
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-rc-cable-slider-small RC Cable Slider (Small)* x 2 x 2
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-battery-charging-hub Battery Charger Hub - x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-car-charger Car Charger - x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-battery-to-power-bank Battery Power Bank Adaptor - x 1
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Platinum-Australia-soulder-bag Shoulder Bag - x 1


What’s the main difference between Mavic and Phantom 4?

The Mavic is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry with you thanks to its foldable design. Its new Ocusync transmission system has a longer transmission range and 1080p resolution. Due to its larger size, the Phantom 4 has a higher maximum speed and can withstand stronger winds.

Does the folding mechanism wear out and will it need replacing?

The folding mechanism has been tested to last at least 5000 folds. It is unlikely that it will wear out during the Mavic’s lifetime.

What’s the difference of camera between Mavic and Phantom 4?

The two cameras have the same features, but the Mavic’s camera has a smaller FOV, is able to focus as closely as 0.5m and can be rotated 90° for portrait shots and selfies. The Phantom 4’s larger FOV makes it better suited for landscape imaging.

Is the Mavic Pro waterproof?

No. As the Mavic chassis is low to the ground, only take off and land in suitable areas that are flat and free of puddles.


How do you enable auto focus on the Mavic Pro camera?

Focus is essential to capturing sharp images. To enable auto focus: 1. Tap the screen in the DJI GO app camera interface. 2. Long tap the screen to enable auto focus when using ActiveTrack, Tapfly and Gesture modes. (This function needs to be enabled in General Settings) 3. Focus at the center by pressing a customizable button. C1 is set by default and can be used during normal flight or while using Intelligent Flight Modes.

When shooting in manual focus mode, my shots are blurred even when moving the slider all the way to infinite focus. Why?

The focus range of the Mavic is 0.5m to infinite. Slide along the bar until you reach a focus point. Sliding to infinite focus does not guarantee sharp focus.

Can I zoom during shooting?

The Mavic Pro supports a 2x digital zoom, but does not support optical zoom. You can zoom in or out by dragging on the screen or by pressing the customizable button.

How to enter Portrait mode?

Slide to the left on the screen and tap the a Portrait/Landscape icon, or by pressing customizable buttons.


What is the difference between using the remote controller to control the Mavic, and using your smartphone to control it via Wi-Fi?

The Mavic remote controller uses DJI’s OcuSync transmission technology, giving it an increased range of up to 4.3mi (7km) in open areas without interference, FCC compliant. When using a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi, the controllable range is 80m, and maximum altitude is 50m, making it suitable for short range shots like selfies and for setting up ActiveTrack. You can also download photos and videos directly from the Mavic to your mobile device via Wi-Fi. By sliding the Control Mode switch on the right hand side of the aircraft, you can choose easily between Wi-Fi and RC mode depending on which transmission type you need.

How do I switch between the two controller modes?

First, make sure that your aircraft is powered off. Then, open the small cover on the right hand side of the aircraft body. Slide the switch to the left to enable Wi-Fi control, or to the right to use the remote controller

What sizes of smartphone can fit inside the Mavic Remote Controller?

The Mavic remote controller can fit smartphones between 6.5 – 8.5mm thick and up to 160mm long, without a phone case. Phones and tablets larger than this do not fit the remote controller’s device holder.

Can I use a regular USB cable to connect my phone and remote controller?

Yes, you can. However, for best user experience, we recommend that you use a dedicated Mavic RC (Remote Controller) Cable to connect your phone.

What Remote Controller Cables are included with the Mavic upon purchase?

Three cables are included in the box: one with Lightning connector, one with a standard Micro-USB connector and the third one is the USB Type-C connector.

What is the default Wi-Fi SSID and password?

For security purposes, each Mavic has its own SSID and Password that can be found on a sticker on one of the forearms of the aircraft and inside the battery compartment. For your first use, you can scan the QR code with the DJI GO app to connect to the aircraft*, or enter the password manually under your phone’s Wi-Fi settings. (*Only available for Android devices)

Can I use other QR code apps to scan the QR code and connect to the aircraft via Wi-Fi?

No. You must use the DJI GO app to connect to your aircraft.

How can I set the Wi-Fi SSID and password?

Connect to your Mavic via Wi-Fi and then enter Camera view. Now enter Wi-Fi settings to manually set the SSID and password.

How do I reset the Wi-Fi password back to default?

Turn on the Mavic in Wi-Fi mode, press the linking button and hold for 5s.

What is the benefit of dual-band Wi-Fi?

The 2.4G Wi-Fi frequency was developed a long time ag, 5G Wi-Fi is newer. As 2.4G is older, more devices use this frequency, making it more likely to suffer from interference. 5G is less prone to interference as there are less 5G devices, but not all phones support the 5G frequency. You can switch between these two frequency bands in the Wi-Fi Settings menu in the DJI GO app.

What customizable buttons does the Mavic Pro have?

C1, C2 and 5D buttons on the remote controller are customizable. Default setting : C1: Focus at the center, C2: Play back, 5D Up: Recenter gimbal, FD Down: Tilt gimbal down, 5D Left: Zoom in, 5d Right Zoom out.

What does the Pause button on the remote controller do?

It tells the Mavic Pro to hover, pausing the flight.

What’s the difference between the Remote Controller Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector) and the Remote Controller Cable (Reverse Micro USB Connector)?

DJI Mavic Pro Australia - USB Connector (DJI Mavic Pro FAQ's) - D1 Store


Do I have to take the propellers off when in transit?

No. Just fold the propellers and you are good to go.

What happens if the propellers are not fully unfolded before flight?

Once the rotors start spinning, the centrifugal force will automatically push the propellers into the correct position, so you don’t need to worry about not having unfolded them perfectly.

The Mavic’s motor are not all on the same plane. Will this affect its flight performance?


What’s the highest level of wind the Mavic can resist?

The Mavic can withstand a level 5 wind, also called a fresh breeze. This is defined as wind speeds of 19-24mph (29-38kph)

How far can the Mavic fly on a single charge?

In calm weather and under ideal conditions, the Mavic can fly up to 8 miles (13km) at 31 mph (50kph). Real world performance will vary though, so we urge you to monitor your battery level at all times.

Why does the Mavic have a longer flight time than hover time?

Thanks to its rotor system optimized for forward flight and its aerodynamic design, when flying at the optimum speed for energy consumption, the Mavic consumes less energy the it does hovering. This is why it is able to give you a 27-minute flight time, while its hover time is 24 minutes.


What is the main benefit of the Ocusync video transmission system?

OcuSync has a range of up to 4.3 miles (7km) with improved resistance to interference and a higher transmission throughput. At shorter ranges it can stream footage to you at 1080p resolution and also allows photo and video downloads at 40Mb/s.

What is the resolution of the live view transmitted via OcuSync?

The users can switch between 1080p and 720p manually. However, we don’t suggest the users use the 1080p when there is strong electromagnetic interference or for far-field transmission.

What is OcuSync’s transmission latency?

160ms-170ms from the Mavic’s camera to your device screen under ideal conditions.


What is the difference between quick calibration and advanced calibration?

When the Vision System fails to function normally, you can do a quick calibration in the DJI GO app, or connect the aircraft to a computer to perform advanced calibration for higher precision.

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