Osmo Action Mini Tripod

Item Code: CYNA-AC-001

Provide extra stability to your Osmo Action with this Mini Tripod. Designed for use on flat surfaces or handheld, this Mini Tripod is the easiest way to carry and set up your Osmo Action.

AUD $35.00 

CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod


Designed with versatility in mind, the CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod is the ideal full-time companion for your Osmo Action with an easy installation screw. Set the tripod on a flat surface or use it as a handle to suit your shooting environment.
The ¼” screw also makes the tripod compatible with the Osmo Pocket and Pocket 2.


Can be used handheld or as a tripod
Rubber feet for additional grip
Easy installation


Weight: 109g
Dimensions: 27.1 x 136.2 mm

In The Box

1 x CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod
1 x Universal Adapter Base
1 x Adapter Base Screw


DJI Osmo Action
DJI Pocket 2
DJI Osmo Pocket