OSMO Shield (Osmo Pocket)

Item Code: OS-OSMOP

Get more peace of mind when you use your Osmo. The OSMO Shield doubles the DJI Osmo warranty period and offers comprehensive coverage.

If you are purchasing OSMO Shield service for a previously purchased Osmo Pocket, your service agreement policy will be sent to you by email after checkout.
OSMO Shield and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region.
OSMO Shield only supports product purchased from official or authorized channels, and its benefits are only eligible in the region where it was purchased.

OSMO Pocket Shield can be purchased only if your product has not been activated or has been activated for less than 30 days.

If you have purchased OSMO Shield service card, click here to bind the OSMO Shield to your Osmo Pocket.

If you have any questions, please directly contact DJI Support.

AUD $69.00 


1、What is the Osmo Shield?

The Osmo Shield is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI Osmo. 
If you have purchased the Osmo Shield, this service will extend your Osmo’s warranty period by one year. If an issue occurs within two years of purchase, one-time only Accidental Hardware Damage Coverage included with your purchase of the Osmo Shield will cover repairs.

2、How many repairs are covered by Osmo Shield?

During the Osmo Shield period, you can enjoy unlimited maintenance within the eligible conditions for our DJI Warranty Service. One-time only Accidental Hardware Damage Coverage is also included within the two years of this service.

3、How long is the Osmo Shield valid for?

The Osmo Shield service plan is valid for 12 months after the regular warranty expires. One-time only Accidental Hardware Damage Coverage is included for 24 months after purchase. When purchased with a brand new Osmo, the Osmo Shield will be valid two days after shipment. When bought separately, the Osmo Shield is valid immediately after purchase.

4、What are the requirements of coverage for the Osmo?

The Osmo Shield is only available for an Osmo meeting the following requirements: 
1.Brand new 
2.Activated less than 30 days.

5、Can I renew my Osmo Shield service plan when it expires?

No. Each product is only eligible for only one Osmo Shield service plan.

6、Is the Osmo Shield service plan bound to the original Osmo owner who purchased the plan?

No. The Osmo owner can be changed but the S/N of the Osmo bound to the service agreement cannot.

7、How do I get repairs if my Osmo is damaged after purchasing the Osmo Shield plan?

Please contact DJI Support. Technical support will record damage information and provide instructions on sending your Osmo for repair.

8、I have lost my electronic service agreement so I do not know the Agreement No. How do I get repairs?

Contact DJI Support. Provide your Osmo S/N, which will be used to verify that your Osmo is protected with the Osmo Shield. If damage is within service coverage, repairs will be deducted from the coverage value.

9、Where can I find the handle S/N and gimbal camera S/N?

10、How long do repairs take?

We will process your product as soon as possible. Repair times depend on the damage.

11、The Osmo I purchased was replaced and the original S/N has changed. Will my Osmo Shield plan become invalid?

If you request to replace a product after purchase, inform presales or aftersales staff that you have purchased the Osmo Shield. DJI technical support will instruct you on how to rebind it.

12、Will the Osmo Shield plan be re-calculated after my Osmo S/N is changed?

No. The warranty period in the service agreement shall prevail.

13、Does the Osmo Shield support international coverage (e.g. I purchased Osmo Shield in the US but want to repair my product in the EU)?

No. At the moment, the Osmo Shield does not support international coverage. You should send your Osmo back to the official repair center in the corresponding area.