PGYTECH Action Camera L Bracket+

Item Code: P-18C-030

The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket L Bracket+ effectively modifies the interface position of the OSMO Pocket, GoPro, and other compatible action cameras to improve the multi-angles and multi-scene creative possibilities.

AUD $19.00 

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Action Camera L Bracket +

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8.4 cm x 4.2 cm x 2.6 cm

180° rotatable angle
180° rotatable angle It effectively convert the interface position of OSMO Pocket,
GoPro and other action cameras to facilitate multi-angle and multi-scene use.

Quick wrench
The quick pin makes the install and release process simple

Stay connected
The OSMO Pocket L Bracket+ can be utilized in conjunction with the wireless module
through the reserved space, without influencing the charging process.

End-to-end extension
Multiple brackets can be connected to achieve the desired purpose

Compatible with a wide variety of accessories
It can be utilized in conjunction with the PGYTECH hand and wrist strap, the strap holder, the tripod, and the selfie stick.