Robomaster EP Core

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The RoboMaster EP Core was built to take learning to the next level. This advanced educational robot provides an all-in-one solution for STEAM-based classrooms everywhere, offering AI and programming projects for students of all ages and experience levels.

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DJI RoboMaster EP Core

Designed for 21st-century classrooms, the RoboMaster EP Core is an all-in-one STEAM solution and offers AI and programming projects for students of all experience levels. Third-party hardware support allows for added customisation and versatility.

What is the recommended age range for RoboMaster EP Core?
The EP Core is recommended for students in late primary and early high school but can be adapted for higher education. 

Upgrading from the RoboMaster S1? Here's what's new: 
▪ Robotic arm with FPV Control 

▪ Expanded third-party hardware support

▪ DJI Open SDK software support

▪ Custom learning materials catered to your classroom

Cutting Edge

Built to Perform

Robotic Arm
Supporting precise FPV control, the EP Core’s robotic arm is durable, compact and built for flexible operation.

The EP Core’s multifunctional gripper supports an adjustable grip force and is adaptable for payloads of different sizes, shapes and weights.

Mecanum Wheels
Designed for omnidirectional movement, the EP Core’s 4 durable mecanum wheels allow for versatile movement. Front axis suspension supports movement versatility.

High-Performance Servo
Supporting customised control abilities as a propulsion driver for the EP Core, the high-performance servo ensures high control accuracy and large output torque.

Sensor Adaptor & Power Connector Module
Each sensor adaptor has two ports and provides power supply. A power connector module can connect and power third-party hardware, offering multiple ports to connect hardware and create custom programs and applications.

Intelligent Controller
The EP Core’s Intelligent Controller is an all-in-one system that uses a powerful CPU to support AI computing, low-latency high-definition image transmission and programming development.

Infrared Distance Sensor
The EP Core’s infrared distance sensor provides distance measurement up to 10 metres, enabling environment detection and advanced obstacle avoidance.

High-Performance Motor
The EP Core comes with a customized motor that features an integrated FOC ESC with an output torque of up to 250 mN•m. Linear Hall-effect sensors with advanced algorithms allow closed-loop control for added precision.


Third-Party Support

Supporting a range of third-party hardware accessories, the EP Core is fully customisable for your classroom. Open-source hardware supported includes Micro:bit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi that can be connected through serial ports on the main controller. The EP Core can also perform model training and scene recognition through AI platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson Nano and the official DJI SDK, enhancing students’ understanding of the operating principles of AI. The EP Core also supports third-party sensors that integrate seamlessly using the four onboard sensor adaptors, allowing students to measure temperature, pressure, distance and more.

Powerful Programming


Supporting over 39 programmable sensor ports, open DJI software development kits are available on the EP Core.

Video & Audio Streaming Data
HD video and audio streaming data and stabilized images bring higher recognition accuracy. In-depth learning projects and features such as data analysis, model training, scene recognition, and custom AI functions can be achieved with third-party platforms.

Connect multiple EP Cores to one computer to realize swarm movements through multi-machine communication.

Attitude Data
Code flexibly with attitude data collected from gyroscopes on the chassis.

Software Programming Platform

Robomaster App

The dedicated RoboMaster app supports multiple operation methods.

Scratch and Python Programming
The EP Core supports both Scratch and Python programming languages which are common in classrooms.

Low-latency HD FPV
Enjoy a unique and immersive driving experience with the EP Core's exhilarating FPV perspective, which allows students to complete tasks even when the target objects are out of sight.

Customisable UI
Design custom user interfaces by coding virtual widgets with Python.

Classroom support

DJI-Powered Learning

Custom Learning Materials
Use the RoboMaster EP Core curriculum to drive students’ learning and interest in engineering. With lesson plans, lecture slides, worksheets and more, the curriculum allows for easy integration into learning at any stage of education.

Fun Competitions
Test learning in an exciting way by accessing the EP Core’s competition database of easy-to-understand games and competitions including Search and Rescue, Air-to-Ground Cooperation and Intelligent Warehouse.

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RoboMaster EP Core
Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 320 × 240 × 270 mm 
Chassis Speed Range Forward: 0-3.5 m/s 
Backward: 0-2.5 m/s  
Sideways: 0-2.8 m/s 
Max Chassis Rotational Speed
DJI RoboMaster App

Sensor 1/4" CMOS 
Effective pixels: 5 MP
FOV 120°
Still Image Size 2560×1440
Video Resolution
FHD: 1080/30fps
HD: 720/30fps
Photo Formats
Video Formats
Max Bitrate
16 Mpbs

Weight 70 g
44.2 × 22.6 × 28.6 mm
Transmission Ratio 512:1 
Operation Modes
Angle mode
Speed mode

Power Connector Module
Communication Port CAN bus
Output USB Type-A power port: 5V 2A
Power port with pin header: 5V 4A
TX30 power port: 12V 5A
Input TX30 power port: 12 V

Intelligent Battery 
Capacity  2400 mAh
Max Operating Time
35 minutes
Max Charging Voltage 12.6 V
Max Charging Power
29 W