SunnyLife Spark Intelligent Battery Car Charger With USB Port

Item Code: SP-DC227

  • Intelligent Protection for Secure Usage
  • Can charge Spark batteries, and the USB port can be available for controller, smartphone, or tablet charging also.
  • For batteries lower than 10%, it takes about 50min to be fully charged.
  • AUD $35.00  $45.00

    SunnyLife Spark Car Charger 


    Fast charging for the on the road. 
    Enjoy having overcharge, over-voltage, short-circuit, over-current, overload protection and overheating protection. 


    For battery with 10% level, it takes 50 minutes to be full charged. 
    Two in One charging, can charge USB devices at the same time. 


    The Charging Temperature for the batteries are 5 to 40 degrees.
    The Output Voltage is 13.05V 2.5A USB port is 5V and 2A. 
    Charging cable length is 365 mm. 


    Spark Batteries