Must Have Accessories for DJI Mini SE

Looking to get the most out of your shiny new DJI Mini SE? Well, look no further and check out our comprehensive list of must-have DJI Mini SE accessories to take your flying experience to the next level! All items are available now at D1 Store. 

DJI Care Refresh 2-Year Plan

Price: $75

With DJI Care Refresh, you can fly with confidence and the backing of DJI’s priority damage repair and replacement service. DJI Care Refresh covers all accidental drone damage, including any pesky water damage that might occur! With DJI’s 2-Year Care Refresh plan, not only will you save money compared to purchasing two single-year plans, but you’ll also be eligible for up to three Mini SE repairs or replacements over 24 months!

DJI Mini SE Intelligent Flight Battery

Price: $79

Love flying your DJI Mini SE but sick of waiting for your one battery to charge after every use? The DJI Mini SE Intelligent Flight Battery provides an additional 31 minutes of flight time, allowing for continued aerial fun even after your first battery drains. As an added bonus, these batteries are also compatible with the DJI Mini 2!

DJI Mini SE Two-Way Charging Hub

Price: $59 

Own a few batteries but just the one drone to charge them in? Not to worry! The DJI Mini SE Two-Way Charging Hub eliminates all your charging woes, providing three handy charging slots allowing you to charge up to three DJI Mini SE Intelligent Flight Batteries sequentially. As a massive plus, the charging hub can also be used as a battery bank when you need that little bit of extra juice whilst you’re on the go. 

DJI Mini Bag

Price: $59

The DJI Mini Bag is the perfect way to show off your DJI Mini SE in style with a transparent front pocket custom-fitted to the DJI Mini SE! Fitting your drone and all its essential accessories - with room for a little more - the DJI Mini Bag is the ideal on-the-go carry bag for your DJI Mini SE. The DJI Mini Bag is available in three fabulous colourways - blue and yellow, black and yellow, or plain black

DJI Mini SE 360 Propeller Guard

Price: $29

Learning the ropes of drone operation is no walk in the park, luckily, with the DJI Mini 2 SE 360 Propeller Guard, beginners can fly at ease with all-around protection, especially when flying around obstacles. The propeller guards also allow for indoor flight, providing a buffer that simply bounces off walls. These propeller guards are light and easy to use - simply clip them onto your DJI Mini SE and you’re ready to fly!

PGYTech 4 ND Filter Set for DJI Mini SE

Price: $79

Can’t quite capture the perfect shot? ND filters to the rescue! PGYTech’s 4 ND Filter Set provides multiple ND options - ND8, 16, 32, 64 - so you’ll always have the right ND for the job, whether you’re shooting at sunrise or high noon. The filters are light yet durable, featuring high-quality German SCHOTT optical glass that reduces light without colour shifts. The quick snap-on installation makes changing from one filter to another a breeze. 

PGYTech 55cm Landing Pad

Price: $19 $27

The PGYTech 55cm Landing Pad is a light, portable and convenient way to protect your DJI Mini SE during take-off and landing. Featuring an easy-to-use folding design, this landing pad prevents dirt, debris, grass, or sand from damaging your DJI Mini SE, whilst providing a high-contrast visual marker to make the perfect landing that much easier!

Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD Card - 128GB 

Price: $36 $59

If you’ve got a habit of spamming the shutter button when taking photos, a high capacity micro SD card will be an essential part of your DJI Mini SE kit. Providing a maximum read speed of 100 MB/s and a maximum write speed of 60 MB/s, the Samsung Micro SDXC EVO Plus is the perfect storage solution for when you’re up in the air. The 128GB card supports more than ~30,000 photos taken on the DJI Mini SE. More into video? The card provides storage for up to ~6 hours of stunning cinema-level 2.7K footage.