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The Matrice 300 RTK is the next generation commercial workhorse platform that takes inspiration from modern aviation systems.
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The DJI Matrice 300 RTK platform is designed with extensive system and sensor redundancies to maximize flight safety and reliability. These redundancies and safety mechanisms include: dual flight control system sensors, dual control signal links, dual intelligent batteries, dual transmission links, obstacle sensor system redundancies, and three-propeller emergency landing. is a new standard for the commercial drone industry. It is DJI's latest commercial drone platform that takes inspiration from modern aviation systems. Offering up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced AI capabilities, 6 directional sensing & positioning and more. The M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high performance and unrivalled reliability.

The M300 RTK has become the industry standard whereby different payloads for different RPAS missions can be easily adapted and controlled through the Skyport and M300 platform. If there is a specific use case, there will most likely be a specific payload ready to go. For example, some payloads include spotlights, thermal cameras, droppers, speakers, LiDAR and much more!

What's new?

55 Minute maximum flight time.

15 m/s maximum wind resistance & 23 m/s maximum speed.

Fits up to 3 payloads with dual downward and single upward gimbal mount. 

AI Intelligence for easier operations including smart pin and track & Waypoints 2.0

Dual Operators to allow the transfer of controls for extended operations. 

IP45 ingress protection. 

See it in action.


Flight performance.

The DJI M300 RTK has a redesigned airframe and propulsion system that gives you a far more efficient and stable flight. It has been thoroughly tested through the harshest of conditions and represents of the toughest enterprise drones on the market.

Reliable range.

The all-new OcuSync Enterprise enables transmission up to 15 km away and supports triple-channel 1080p video along with real-time auto-switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. This is a significant improvement over the previous airframes and enables more reliable flight near high-interference environments along with AES-256 encryption for secure data transmission. 

Intelligent views.

Configure your M300 RTK to fit your mission needs. Mount up to 3 payloads simultaneously, with a maximum payload capacity of 2.7 kg. Enjoy third party payloads at D1 Store as well such as loud speakers, water samplers, spotlights and lots more!


Record mission actions such as aircraft movement, gimbal orientation, photo shooting, and zoom level to create sample mission files for future automated inspections.

Automate routine inspections and capture consistent results every time. Onboard AI recognizes the subject of interest and identifies it in subsequent automated missions to ensure consistent framing. 

Data Collection.

Smart Pin and Track
Mark an object in camera or map view with a quick tap, and advanced sensor fusion algorithms will immediately calculate its coordinates, which are projected to all camera views as an AR icon. The location of the subject is automatically shared with another remote controller, or to online platforms such as DJI FlightHub.

Identify and follow moving subjects like people, vehicles, and boats with the Smart Track function, where auto-zoom is applied for steady tracking and viewing. The subject’s dynamic location is continuously acquired and shared to another remote controller or to DJI FlightHub

Waypoints 2.0

Create up to 65,535 waypoints and set multiple actions for one or more payloads, including 3rd party ones, at each waypoint. Flightpath planning is also optimized to maximize flexibility and efficiency for your missions

Obstacle Avoidance.

To enhance in-flight safety and aircraft stability, dual-vision and ToF sensors appear on all six sides of the aircraft, offering a maximum detection range of up to 40 m, with options to customize the aircraft’s sensing behavior via the DJI Pilot App. Even in complex operating environments, this 6 Directional Sensing and Positioning system helps keep the aircraft and the mission safe.


The Matrice 300 RTK platform is designed with extensive system and sensor redundancies to maximize flight safety and reliability. These redundancies and safety mechanisms include: dual flight control system sensors, dual control signal links, dual intelligent batteries, dual transmission links, obstacle sensor system redundancies, and three-propeller emergency landing.

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M300 RTK Specifications

M300 RTK Specs/Features
Diagonal Wheelbase 895mm
Packing Box Size 735mm×591mm×342mm
Dimensions(Folded, propellers included) 430mm×420mm×430 mm
Max Takeoff Weight 9 kg
Max Payload 2.7 kg
Hovering Accuracy (GPS) Vertical=± 0.5 m, Horizontal=± 1.5 m
Hovering Accuracy (Downward Vision) Vertical=± 0.1 m, Horizontal=± 0.3 m
RTK The aircraft supports RTK positioning and orientation capabilities, and can fly safely in an environment where the compass is interferenced.
Hovering Accuracy (RTK) Vertical=± 0.1 m, Horizontal=± 0.1 m
Max Ascent Speed 6 m/s
Max Descent Speed 5 m/s
Max Descent Speed (tilt) 7 m/s
Max Speed 23 m/s
High Altitude Propeller Aircraft supports to be equipped with High Altitude Propeller, can fly in high altitude application scenarios with low flight noise.
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 7000 m (with 2195 propellers)
Max Wind Resistance 15 m/s
Max Flight Time (without payload) 55 min
Hardware Architecture Design Folding design. Support to be unfolded and taken off in 3 minutes.
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Vision System The aircraft is equipped with binocular vision systems on the front, back, up, down, left and right ride. When nearby obstacle is detected, the aircraft can prompt a warning message through the ground station software; When the distance to the obstacle is very close, the aircraft is able to actively brake.
Vision System Forward/Backward/Left/Right: 0.7-40m
Upward/Downward: 0.6-30m
Infrared ToF Sensing System The aircraft supports 6 Directional (front, back, up, down, left and right ride) TOF sensor. 
Landing protection During autonomous landing process, drone can detect the below terrain. When the terrain is uneven ground or water surface, aircraft keeps hovering, and at the same time sends a warning message to the user through the ground station software
Redundancy Sensor Aircraft supports dual IMU, dual barometer and dual compass
FPV Camera The aircraft is equipped with FPV camera, resolution is 960p
Dual Downward Gimbals Aircraft supports to be equipped with Dual Downward Gimbals
Single Upward Gimbal Aircraft supports to be equipped with upward gimbal
Ingress Protection Rating IP45
Beacon Support Beacon, and pilot can control the Beacon on-off through App, to improve the flight safety at night
Discreet Mode Support to turn off arm LEDs to perform covert tasks
Encrypted video transmission Video transmission link is encrypted by AES-256 algorithm
Max Transmitting Distance (unobstructed, free of interference)  15 km(FCC)
Video Transmission Resolution Support 1080p Video Transmission
Dual-band Transmission Link Support 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual-band transmission link, when one channel is blocked, the aircraft should be able to switch to another channel for transmmission
Remote Controller  
Remote Controller Remote controller supports to receive FPV camera view and main gimbal camera view simultaneously.
Remote Controller The remote controller supports both built-in battery and external replaceable battery
Remote Controller The remote controller supports 5.5-inch display screen with a resolution of 1080p, brightness of at least 1000 cd/m2
Remote Controller Support to output camera view or remote controller screen view, through HDMI interface
Remote Controller Support to connect Android/iOS tablet
Software Function  
AirSense Able to receive ADS-B broadcast information of civil aviation passenger aircraft, and can send warning message about nearby civil aviation passenger aircraft to user through ground station software
Advanced Dual Control Aircraft supports to be connected with two remote controllers simultaneously. Both of the two remote controllers can be used to control the aircraft and the gimbal.
The control authority can be flexibly switched between the two remote controllers. Besides, if the aircraft control authority is locked with one remote controller, the other remote controller cannot obtain this authority unless it is unlocked.
Primary Flight Display The ground station software can display real-time information about aircraft speed, altitude, orientation, and gimbal orientation, etc.
Primary Flight Display The ground station software can display wind speed and direction in real time
Primary Flight Display The ground station software can display the map of obstacle in the front, rear, left, and right of aircraft. It support to set obstacle warining distance, and provide voice reminders when there are obstacles within the distance.
Hot-swappable Battery The aircraft supports hot-swappable batteries. No need to power on and power off the aircraft during battery replacement.
Health Management System The aircraft can record the total flight time, total flight times, and total flight distance, accumulated from factory date. The records can be viewed through the remote controller APP.
Health Management System The remote controller APP can display the health status of key aircraft modules and save abnormal records.
Waypoint 2.0 Mark waypoints on the map, and then edit the waypoint actions and flight route altitude, speed and other parameters to achieve automatic flight.
Waypoint 2.0 The flight route can be saved as KML file, which can be imported and exported.
Waypoint 2.0 Waypoint height can be set as absolute height/ relative height
Waypoint 2.0 Support to take pictures and videos by multiple gimbals, at the same waypoint.
Waypoint 2.0 It support to add no less than 10,000 waypoints in a single flight route.
Waypoint 2.0 It supports to record the current position of the aircraft as a waypoint, and set the flight speed and altitude, plan the flight mission.
AI Spot-Check
It supports recording a flight mission through the remote controller APP, frame the object of interest on the photos taken during the flight mission. When the flight mission is executed in next time, the aircraft supports advanced algorithms to detect and find the object of interest and take precise pictures, to realized consistent photo acquisition.
Besides, it supports to check the photos on the remote controller APP.
Smart Track The aircraft can automatically adjust gimbal, to tack a defined object such as vehicles, people, and boats. Besides, the system can automatically identify vehicles, people, and boats. Pilot can also manually select interest targets.
Smart Track It supports gimbal follow mode and gimbal free mode. In gimbal follow mode, track the target by adjusting aircraft orientation. In gimbal free mode, track the target by adjusting gimbal orientation. 
Smart Track It supports auto-zoom function, which helps to keep the subject centered in the frame for optimal viewing
Smart Track Support user to pin a point using laser rangefinder, this point can be shown on the map of remote controller, camera view, FPV camera view, and the map of UAV management platform. It can also be shared to third-party applications.
UAV Management Platform The aircraft can be connected to UAV management platform. It supports to login the platform, check the position and flight parameters of multiple drones,  check the historical flight records, manage drones and fleets.
Limit Flight Height and Distance Support to set the limitation of flight height and flight distance, through the remote controller APP.
Precision Landing Support accurately land to take-off point, with one click.
Low Battery Return to Home The battery level is shown on the ground station software in real time. When the battery level is low, the ground station software can provide warnings, to inform the user to perform return-to-home. If the user does not response within the given time, the aircraft will automatically return home.
Battery Level Display Support display current aircraft battery level and remaining flight time on remote controller APP. Prompt low battery warning information for user.
Failsafe Return to Home When the remote controller and aircraft are disconnected during the flight, the aircraft can automatically terminate the flight mission and return to home. During the return flight, if the connection between aircraft and remote controller comes to normal, user can cancel the return to home mission, through the remote controller.
ESC Buzzing Support to turn on the ESC buzzing function through the remote controller APP, to find the aircraft in unexpected situations.
Aerial Photography Support to plan aerial photography flight mission through remote controller APP. According to the selected survey area and camera parameters set by the user, the flight mission can be automatically planned by remote controller APP. Pilot can perform the mission for aerial photography. Besides, the flight mission can be saved locally.
Aerial Photography It supports importing the captured photos into 2D and 3D reconstruction software on the computer, to generate 2D map and 3D model of the photographed area.
SDK Capability Support development kit for mobile terminal, on-board equipment, and 3rd party payload. It also supports power supply and communication interface, for 3rd party secondary development and integration.
Intelligent Battery  
Battery Station The battery station should support multiple battery ports to charge up to eight aircraft batteries and four remote controller batteries.
Battery Station The battery station should be equipped with a portable lever
Battery Station The battery station is equipped with LED indicator and buzzer to indicate battery status and alarm.
Charging Speed Charge 2 batteries to full capacity within 1 hour
Pairing Batteries The aircraft is designed with dual batteries. If two batteries with a significant difference in battery life are installed and powered on, a prompt will pop up in the ground station software, to recommend user to replace the batteries to a pair with similar performance.
Dual Battery In the event that one battery fails, the drone can still return home safely with the other battery.
Self-discharge In the case that the battery power level is high, and its storage time is longer than the Self-Discharge time (can be set as 1 day to 10 days), then the battery will automatically be discharged to 60% in order to protect battery and extend battery life.
Battery Level Display The battery supports indicator, which can display the current battery level.
Overvoltage Charging Protection Support overcharge protection function. If the charging voltage is too high, the charging device can disconnect the charging circuit.
Overcurrent Charging Protection Support overcharge protection function. If the charging current is too large, the charging device can disconnect the charging circuit.
Battery Self-heating When operating in low-temperature conditions, the battery will automatically warm up after power on if it is installed into the aircraft.
Over-discharge Protection When the battery voltage drops to a certain value, the battery can stop discharging.
Cell Damage Detection If the battery cell is damaged or the cells are seriously unbalanced, groud station software can prompt warning information for user.

General FAQ

What is the ingress protection rating of the M300 RTK? Can I fly in the rain?

The Matrice 300 RTK has a protection rating of IP45. However, the protection rating is not permanently effective and may decrease due to wear and tear. Do not fly in rain heavier than 100mm/24h.

How long does it take to fully charge two TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries?

Batteries? With 220V power supply: It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge two TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries; and about 30 minutes to charge them from 20% to 90%.

How many batteries can the Battery Station charge at the same time?

time? It can simultaneously store eight TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries and four WB37 Intelligent Batteries. It can charge two TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries and one WB37 Intelligent Battery at the same time. Batteries with the highest battery levels will be recharged first, followed by the ones with lower levels.

Can the TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery be used in low-temperature environments?

The operating temperature of the TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery is -20°C to 50°C. When the battery is used in a low-temperature environment, note that the battery life will be reduced. To optimize performance in the cold, it is recommended to warm the battery up to 15 °C before use.

When charging the batteries in an environment between -20 °C and 5 °C, the self-heating function will be activated to raise the battery's temperature to above 5 °C.

Once installed on the aircraft and the power is turned on, if the battery’s temperature is low, it will automatically self-heat to keep the temperature at about 16 °C to 20 °C.

Operation + Safety

Can the drone take off when two batteries are at different battery levels?

The M300 RTK can take off if the voltage discrepancy of the two batteries is within 0.7 V. If it is unable to take off, the app will inform you that “the power discrepancy in the two batteries is too large”.

How can I Improve the signal and transmission range?

The antennas of the controller are located in the smartphone clamp and they need to pointed directly at the aircraft, therefore you may need to tilt your controller depending how far away the drone is. 

Turn off any unnecessary Bluetooth, mobile data and WiFi from both the phone and neighbouring devices, such as phones, smart watches and other remote controlled devices. 

Ensure to pilot from areas with height. For example if there is a valley and a hill, the Hill will provide better transmission distance due to the surrounding environment. 

Does the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise support 4G dongles?

Yes. It supports the ZTE MF833V dongle.

Can I HDMI out from the controller? If not, how can I? 

The Smart Controller does support HDMI out so you can stream to a broadcasting software or to another screen such as a TV or monitor. 

Camera + Intelligent Features

How many payloads can be mounted at the same time?

M300 RTK can carry 3 payloads at the same time using the dual downward gimbal connector and the upward gimbal connector.

What payload configurations does the M300 RTK support?

The M300 RTK supports the following payload configurations:

Single downward gimbal: Zenmuse XT2, Zenmuse XT S, Zenmuse Z30, Zenmuse H20, Zenmuse H20T, and third-party payloads developed on PSDK.

Dual gimbals: Zenmuse XT2 + Zenmuse Z30; Zenmuse XT2 + Zenmuse H20; Zenmuse XT S + Zenmuse Z30; Zenmuse XT S + Zenmuse H20; and one of the above single gimbal with a third-party payload developed on PSDK

Three gimbals: one of the above dual gimbal configurations + a third-party payload developed on PSDK

Note: The Zenmuse XT2 can only be mounted on the right downward gimbal port (Left and right are determined from the perspective of looking directly at the drone from the front).

Can I control multiple gimbals simultaneously?

You can control the movements of each gimbal simultaneously, but you can't take photos/videos simultaneously..

How does the M300 RTK acquire real-time differential data?

The M300 RTK obtains real-time differential data in the following two ways:

1. By connecting to the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station (RTCM3.2)

2. By connecting the remote controller to an NTRIP network RTK service through a 4G dongle or a WiFi hotspot (supports RTCM3.0/RTCM3.1/RTCM3.2)

Which SDKs are available on the M300 RTK?

M300 RTK supports DJI Onboard SDK, Payload SDK, and Mobile SDK.

Accessory Compatibility

Is the M300 RTK compatible with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station for the M210 RTK V2 or the one for Phantom 4 RTK?

Yes. Please refer to the user manual of the M300 RTK and upgrade the firmware of the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station. Please note that different modes need to be selected when using the Mobile Station with the M210 RTK V2, Phantom 4 RTK, or M300 RTK. The D-RTK 2 mobile station only supports one of the three models at a time. For more details, please refer to the user manual.

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