We offer a trusted and very competitively priced repair & maintenance service for all your DJI products. Our Officially Certified DJI Technicians only use 100% genuine parts and test every repair/maintenance to ensure 100% working order. All our repairs & maintenance have a quick turnover time and come standard with a 3 month warranty for your peace of mind.

If you need more details, please check out our FAQ or DJI's After Sales Service Policies.

Our Repair Process

Swipe to View our Repair Process

1. Submit Job

Submit your Repair or Maintenance request via the forms below.

2. Job Assessed

Your Repair or Maintenance request will be assessed by our certified DJI Technicians1.

3. Pay for Repair or Warranty

Pay for your repair or maintenance job to proceed. Send your drone to us2.

4. Job Complete & Tested

Once the Job is completed3, a final test by our Technicians will be conducted.

5. Drone Returned

Your drone will be returned to you. Alternatively, you can collect it from your local DJI Store.

For Warranty-Covered Drones

All the DJI Drones, Gimbals and Cameras sold from D1 Storeare covered by Australian Manufactueres Warranty under the Australian Consumer Law. To learn more about your products warranty, warranty claims and what is/isn't covered, please click here.

For Drones Not Covered by Warranty

However, if your drones’ warranty has lapsed or the warranty was void, all you need to do is give us your name and contact information, tell us which drone you have and what’s wrong with it.

Please provide us with as much details as possible, this ensures a better understanding of your drone, resulting in a faster and more efficient repair.

You can expect to hear from us within the next 24 business hours.

For Drones Covered by Care Refresh

If your drone has DJI Care Refresh and is still valid, you may claim DJI Care Refresh on your drone or flyaway here.

Checking Your Drone’s Repair Progress

You will be notified email once your drone has been assessed, quoted and being dispatched back to you (or to a store for pick-up). If you don't hear from us, please do not hesitate to contact us via repair@d1store.com.au

Get In Touch

Why pay $60 or even $150 for an assessment fee when you can pay $0 with D1 Store's no fee, no obligation assessment*.

Note: Repairs can be dropped off at your local D1 Store. Shipping not included.

Enjoy Safe, Reliable and Optimal Flight with D1 Store's Official DJI Certified Maintenance Service.


You'll find the Warranty period of a DJI drone indicated on its product page right before you purchase it at D1 Store. You’ll also find the Warranty documentation when you unbox your new drone.
Below is a list of DJI Products that cannot be accepted for repairs:
  • RYZE Tello
  • Mavic Pro Alpine White
  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Action (1st Generation)
  • Osmo (1st Generation - All variations)
    - Osmo+
    - Osmo RAW
    - Osmo Pro
    - Osmo Mobile
  • Ronin (1st Generation)
  • DJI Goggles (1st Generation - All variants)
    - Original ‘white’
    - Black/red 'Racing Edition'
  • Phantoms 1, 2, 3, Phantom 4, Advanced, Obsidian, Phantom 4 Pro V1
  • Inspire 1
  • X5S Cameras for Inspire
Repair costs vary according to the type and extent of the damage as well as the model of your drone. You can get a quote when you contact us and select “Repair quotes” as the topic. Be sure to include the model of your drone and all the possible details of the repairs it needs in the “Your enquiry” section.
D1Store does not charge for repair quotes, however shipping fee may apply for refused repairs. All repairs must pay upfront before repairs are commenced.
Our repairs usually take around 2 - 3 weeks to repair a drone. The duration of the repair depends on the type and extent of the damage and part availability. However, depending on the model, it may be eligible for an express repalcement (enquire to learn more).
We regret that some types of damage, such as those caused by water, are irreparable, and that others are not covered by DJI’s Limited Warranty. See DJI's After Sales Service Policies for a full list of the kind of damages that are not warranty-covered.
D1 Store paid Repair Service is there to help with repairable damage that is not covered by a Warranty. DJI Care Refresh protects your drone against human caused damage, click here to learn more.
We guarantee our repair work with a 90-day warranty, which means that if the repairs prove to be unsatisfactory within that period, you may return your drone to us for further repairs, free of charge.
Yes, our DJI-certified engineers also repair DJI Handhelds, DJI Ronin & DJI Accessories.
Due to safety reasons, water damaged drones cannot be repaired at D1. However, if you have Care Refresh, you may be eligible for a replacement drone. Please click here to submit.
Due to safety reasons, we cannot repair drone batteries or propellers. A new battery and/or pair of propellers will need to be purchased. Our friendly product specialists can assist with purchasing replacement batteries or propellers. Please get in touch with us via phone: (03) 9288 7882 or email: sales@d1store.com.au
You will need to make your warranty claim through the retailer you purchased your product from. Alternatively, you can contact DJI Global directly. DJI Global can be reached via phone 1300 090 802 or email: support@dji.com or via online chat support.

During the December and January holiday periods, please note that there can be extra time in processing, receiving and repairing your drone.
1The evaluation of a drone's repair or maintenance needs may take up to 2 weeks to complete.
2Once you have sent your drone to us, please anticipate an extra 5 business days for it to arrive. Shipping costs are not included.
3Please allow 1-3 weeks for Repair or Maintenance Jobs to be completed.

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