If you have an up-coming aerial shoot where you require a professional drone & camera setup or simply need to increase your flight log hours to obtain your RePL, D1 has the drone hire equipment available for you. From daily to monthly hire, and store locations around Australia, there should be nothing holding you back from getting the drone you require up in the air.

Increasingly larger capacity batteries for the Matrice series means that sometimes interstate jobs may prove difficult to transport batteries to the job. At D1 Store we have a large inventory of TB50, 55 and 60 batteries available to hire, in the state you need to work in.

Our rental fleet includes the Mavic, Phantom and Matrice series with a wide variety of payloads. From high resolution survey grade RTK cameras, to top of the line thermal sensors, PPK enabled systems as well as a range of lenses to suit any need. All our consumer enterprise drones and payloads are all maintained by experienced DJI technicians.

Please note that a security deposit is required on all rental equipment. If a certificate of insurance for the rental equipment is obtained prior to rental, this feel can be significantly reduced. Our team also requires 48 hours of notice (however on the day rentals can be organised) and pick-up/drop-off can only be made within store opening hours.

Simply fill out the form below to request your rental! 


Booking Information 


How do I book online? 


You can book online through our Rental Form. Simply fill out the form with the necessary information and our team will get back to you within 1 business day. They will let you know whether your desired time period is available and whether or not they need to change. 


Can I hire Internationally? 


Unfortunately the D1 Rental service is only available within Australia. 


How will I know my booking is confirmed? 


Our team will contact you either through Phone, SMS or Email to let you know whether the dates are available for your selected equipment. In the event the equipment is not available, we will provide alternative dates or equipment. Without confirmation, we cannot rent the equipment out. 


Why do I need to present an ID? 


This is to ensure the person who enquired, signed the rental agreement is the same person who is picking up and renting the equipment. Without a valid ID, we will be unable to release the goods at our store. 


What is the security deposit? 


The security deposit is the bond that is required to rent the drone. Once the equipment has been returned to store in its original condition (accessories included), the security deposit will be returned. If your company has a certificate of insurance, this step is not required. 


Rental Information 


How old do I have to be to rent a drone?


You will need to be at the age of 18 or above in order to rent a drone. 


What’s my responsibility when renting a drone? 


When flying a RPA, remotely piloted aircraft, you will need to abide by the CASA rules and regulations. Breaching these rules and regulations may result in the pilot receiving a fine. D1 Store Pty Ltd will not be liable if you receive a fine by CASA or any other organisations if you breach the rules and regulations. 


You may learn more about the rules and regulations through know your drone found here: https://www.casa.gov.au/knowyourdrone


What is the minimum rental period?


The minimum rental period is 1 day and the maximum period is determined by the availability and long term rentals can be organised. 


Are there long term rental discounts? 


We are able to organise long term rental discounts if the planned rental period is over a month (30 days). 


What are the restrictions when using a rental drone? 


There are software restrictions on the drone through the DJI Geo Zones. We recommend getting yourself familiar with their restricted fly zones to ensure the area you plan to fly is all clear. 




Can other people fly the drone during the rental period? 


The person who is on the rental form and presented ID must be the sole user of the drone during the rental period unless stated otherwise. 

Pickup and Return Processes 


Do I need to check the condition of the drone before I leave the store?


You are welcome to do your own inspection of the rental equipment before you leave the store. Our team would have completed a rental checklist and highlighted any signs of damage along with wear and tear before handing the drone over. 


Can I return the drone outside of opening hours?


Unfortunately you can only return the drone during opening hours. A late fee may apply if the rental is returned after the expected return date. 


Can I extend my rental?

Yes. You can extend your rental provided you give 24 hours notice to the store to ensure the extension can be granted. 


What do I do if the drone does not work after leaving the store?


You must contact our store or rental team and they will go through debugging steps. Sometimes, the drone may need a quick calibration for it to work in your area or place you want to fly. 


What do I do if the drone is returned in a different condition? 


Any damage made to the drone will be deducted from the security deposit that was paid. This will also include lost drones that were not warranty related. 

Optional Extras 


Can I rent extra Batteries?


Yes. Extra batteries can be arranged with the rental of your drone. 


Can I rent extra Chargers?


Yes. Extra chargers can be arranged with the rental of your drone. 

Damage and Protection 

What comes with the drone? 


The drone will come with the necessary equipment needed for you to start flying. This will include, battery, charger, gimbal protector, RC cables, Remote Controller, charger for remote controller and will be placed in a carry bag. 


Is damage cover included in the rate that is quoted? 


There is no damage cover available on the renta drones. 


What if I have an accident? 


You will need to record details of the accident and return the damaged aircraft (with all the pieces if possible) back to the store for assessment. The assessment will involve a damage diagnosis along with a quotation for repair. This will then be deducted from the security deposit. This also includes damage to accessories. 

What happens if the drone flies away? 


If the drone flies away, it is important to sync the flight records to the DJI server for flight analysis. Reason being is the drone could have malfunctioned during flight that was not caused by the Pilot. In this event, the drone would be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. 


Am I liable for damage caused by the drone? 


Yes. D1 Store Pty Ltd will not be liable for any damage caused to any person or object during the rental period. 

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