D1 2022 New Pilot Online Experience is like no other, this refresh and revised hands-on class helps you learn the ins and outs of your brand-new drone, fly safely and unlocks your creative potential.

What is "New Pilot Experience"?

The D1 New Pilot Experience is a simple to follow 1 hour long online workshop that aims to cover the basics of your drone, to ensure you are confident for your first hour of flying.

The presenters start from unboxing the drone, ensuring you understand what are the most important components, how to install your propellers and more.

Our experienced pilots and creative professionals will teach you all the hints, tips and tricks that will allow you to master your drone. We will cover topics such as pre and post flight check, Return To Home, Intelligent Flight Modes, Flight Recorder, Photography/Videography settings and common errors with their solutions! 

The New Pilot Experience will be hosted on Zoom until further notice.

How much does it cost? Absolutely free for a limited time only. 

Join the discussion on our New Pilot Forum on Facebook.

Watch a previous class!

Check-out one of our previous classes below, our photo-editing guide for beginners using Adobe Lightroom (which they offer a free trial). Whilst the software might be different, the fundamentals are transferrable along with how the photo itself is edited. This class was taken by an Instragram Influencer: @joshuafoo

With the advancement of RPAS and autonomous technology, businesses need to adapt and adopt these technologies to retain a competitive edge. However it's not that easy and choosing the wrong tool can result in a decrease of production. We understand these concerns at D1 Store and are offering organisations and event organisers to invite D1 to their premise or show to demonstrate what's on offer and explain how these technologies will result in better effiencies.

What can D1 offer?

The D1 Enterprise team are able to travel to a desired location to demonstrate your requested drones from the DJI Mavic Enterprise Series to the DJI Agras Series. We can even bring a few mini drones that are commonly used for training pilots. Any data that is captured can also be shared upon request.

To organise a Demo, please fill out the form below

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