D1 New Pilot Experience is like no other, this hands-on class helps you learn the ins and outs of your brand-new drone, fly safely and unlock your creative potential.

The best bit is it’s FREE! (provided you purchased your drone from us).

This half-day workshop takes you from the very start of opening and turning on your drone all the way to hands-on flight experience! Our experience pilots and creative professionals will teach you all the hints and tricks that will allow you to master your drone. We will cover topics such as pre and post flight check, CASA, RTH, Quick shots, Flight Recorder, Photography/Videography and common errors and their solutions!

Gain and in-depth Understanding of the Mavic 2

New Pilot Party New Pilot Party

-Introduction to DJI and Set-up
-Pre and Post flight checklist

-Understanding DJI GO 4
-Quickshot Features

New Pilot Party New Pilot Party

-Optimal Photography Settings
-Understanding Video Settings

-Rules and Regulations
-Flight Training