About Us

Our Story

DJI Authorised Retail Store has been co-established by DJI and D1Store to sell DJI products, provide product training, after-sales repairs, technical support, and other services in Australia.

At D1, we encourage our customers to visit our stores to touch, feel and pilot the latest drones with our product specialists on hand to give you all the information you need.

Whether you are a professional filmmaker, photographer or recreational pilot, we share your passion and enthusiasm for drones, and we can guarantee you won’t find our level of service and expertise elsewhere.

Our Vision

D1 is founded on a simple philosophy; to bring the most comprehensive and extensive range of state-of-the-art drones to Australian shores and are backed by unrivalled expert product support, advice and knowledge.

Our promise to you?

We will to provide you with the Best Price and the Best Service.

Best Price Guarantee:

DJI Authorised Retail Store’s BPG/Click and Save feature is designed to help you purchase your desired products at the lowest possible price. If you have seen it cheaper online or advertised at a lower advertised price, we will beat it.

There are two forms to complete, the first one is a product list where you select the product you are after purchasing. The second form is where you enter your contact details as well as any additional comments in case you were after accessories, care refresh or express shipping. Here you can attach evidence of a lower price for us to beat. After the form is submitted, you will be contacted by a DJI Product Specialist who will provide you with the best price or a price beat.

The reason why we have created such a tool is to help consumers avoid purchasing products from grey importers, unauthorised resellers or resellers who lack the product support. We have received and heard many disappointing stories where consumers purchased through other channels and have been left with a brick, this is not our goal and not who we are.

In every DJI Store across Australia, there are DJI product specialists that will support you from start to finish. We truly want you to have a hassle-free experience.

Invest your DJI products with the right people.