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We understand that when you first unbox and use a brand new drone, camera & gimbal, all the features and services can be overwhelming. This page is dedicated to help you get support for your purchase (product lifetime support) from D1 along with links and guides to help you get started on your journey!  

  • Lounge

    We've got a range of support articles located on our lounge including everything you need to know, drone tips & tricks and top accessories.

  • Technical Support

    Fill the form located at this bottom of the page to get assistance with your questions!  Get proper service with D1 with your purchase. 

  • Buying Advice

    We want you to get the right product at the right price at D1. Get DJI drone advice here and DJI Osmo advice here (Cameras & Gimbals).

  • New Pilot Experience

    Our team have created a range of live online workshops for the latest DJI Drones with QnA sessions at the end of each workshop. We've also got video & photo editing.

  • Repairs

    As we are an official DJI Authorised Repair Centre, we are able to provide low-cost and genuine repairs to you. Each repair is tested before being sent back.

  • Trade-ins

    Trade-up your existing drone into the latest flagships. Use our trade-in program to save the hassle of selling your drone privately and get it all done in 1 transaction. 

Quick Answers to Your Questions

We send an automated email once the order has been shipped that contains both the tracking number and the invoice. Please note, this email may go to junk/spam and contains the subject: "D1Store - Order Processed and Shipped".

Just picked up your new DJI product? Great to hear! You can learn more about your new DJI product by heading to the D1 Lounge which is regularly updated with all the latest DJI news, tutorials, support articles and more!

10 Tips to prevent crashing your drone
Pre and Post Flight checklists
Drone Battery Maintenance Guide
What do I do after I crashed my drone?

We've created a live workshop under the form of New Pilot Experience which you can sign-up here to attend. To compliment this workshop, we've got a Facebook Group where you can ask your questions and get them answered by our community of pilots.

To active DJI Care Refresh, please vist here. If you purchased the DJI Care Refresh from D1 Store, please double check your junk/spam folders for your activate code (which is the serial number on the invoice). Simply follow the three step process. If you are struggling to activate it or says the product has been activated for beyong 48 hours, please vist here for more information.

If you aren’t able to activate DJI Care Refresh for your product because it has exceeded the 48 hour activation period, don’t fret, simply, click here to submit your details for DJI Care Refresh Verification. Please note, your drone must not be beyond a few weeks old and must not have any internal or external damage to qualify.

Need a drone repair? Click here to submit your product for repair or a warranty claim. Enter your details with the drone model and damage details - the more detailed the better - and our team will be in contact with you shortly. If you're submitting a warranty claim, please make sure to include your D1 Store proof of purchase.

If you've had an unfortunate accident and are looking to make a claim with DJI, you will need to visit DJI Support and Submit an online repair request here.
However if the damage is minor (repair cost under excess fee), we recommend going with the pair repair service and saving your care claims for larger incidents.
You will then be asked to log in if you haven't already and then select your service area (4 - Asia Pacific and Australia).

Step 1: Select your model if it appears or search by either serial number or product model.
Step 2: Select the form of malfunction, select DJI Service Plan and enter your comments.
Step 3: Select the parts to be sent off
Step 4: Select your shipping address for your replacement drone
Step 5: Submit your care refresh claim and in the next 1-3 business days, a return label will be emailed to you!

Yes! At D1 we offer a trade-in service that turns your eligible pre-loved DJI products into D1 Store Credit which can out towards any new product of your choosing. Find out about your product’s eligibility can how you can upgrade today by clicking here.

Yes Absolutely! If you're still struggling to sort something out, please call our stores with your invoice number or use the enquiry form below to organise a time for our product specialists to help you out!

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