Mavic Mini Propellers (set)

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Mavic Mini Propellers (Set)


The DJI Mavic Mini Propeller sets are designed specifically for the Mavic Mini where these propellers provide quieter flight and powerful thrust for the Aircraft.
If your propellers show any cracking or bending, it is best to replace the propellers.
Bent propellers may cause the thrust values to change and therefore spin at a higher RPM to compensate (draining the battery).


The DJI Mavic Mini propellers are a small size, quieter flight and provides powerful thrust for the Mavic Mini.


Diameter x pitch: 119.38 x 66.04 mm (4.7 x 2.6 inches).
Weight for the individual blades are 0.5 grams..

In The Box

1 x Mavic Mini Propellers (set)


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