NextCore RN50 Drone LiDAR

Item Code: NC-RN50

Class Leading LiDAR System
Accurate to 50mm
150m Laser Range
1.26M points/s Scan Rate
User Friendly

  • Designed specifically for the DJI Matrice 600
  • A user friendly system to suit most users
  • Lightning fast cloud based processing
  • Compatible with 3rd party RINEX ground stations
  • No inflight calibration required
  • Training Provided.
  • NextCore RN50 

    A next generation LIDAR system designed for the Matrice 600 that produces high quality terrain models in a very simple and user friendly workflow. 


    NEXTCORE Mission

    Nextcore has revolutionised how LIDAR systems integrate with drones and your software. Their mission is clear; making drone LiDAR simple with hardware people want to use. This all in one solution gives you all the data you need at the touch of a button*. 

    LiDAR simplified with the RN50

    Simple and Powerful Workflow

    1. Connect & Fly

    The unit connects to the DJI M600 vibration isolator mounts (3 minutes) plug in power and

    connect to the DJI API port (optional). You are now ready to fly, no calibration required!

    2. Upload & Process

    Once landed, remove USB, open NextCore Fusion on a laptop and set parameters for processing,

    Add GNSS data from your chosen base station or subscription service (RINEX). Click process.

    3. Download & Deliver

    Once processing is complete (3 times flight time) your .LAZ is ready for viewing and delivery.

    NextCore RN50 Drone LiDAR


    Absolute Accuracy: < 50mm RMSE @ 50m Range

    PP Attitude Heading RMS Error: 0.03° IMU

    Payload Weight: 1.8KG Payload

    Dimension: 16L x 12W x 23H (cm) M600

    Mounting Kit Weight: 0.6KG M600

    Mounting Kit Boom Span: 1.6M

    Dimensions: 29 L x 14 W x 22 H (cm)

    Laser Range: >150 m @ 80% Reflectivity

    Flight time on M600: 23 minutes (on M600 with TB48s)

    Scan area in one flight: 50 hectares* 

    LiDAR Sensor

    Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe), 905 nm

    Field of Range: 20˚ Vertical / 360˚ Horizontal FOV

    Number of Returns: 3 Dimension in LiDAR Sensor: 1.0 m / 150 m

    Number of Lasers/Planes: 8

    RMS Ranging Error: 30 mm

    Recommended Scanning Height: AGL 20 - 60 m

    Scan Rate: 420k shots/s, up to 1.26M points/s

    Nextcore Fusion System requirements

    Operating System: Windows 10

    RAM: 4 GB (min), 32 GB Recommended

    Hard Drive Space: 500MB (min)

    Average Post-Processing Time: 3 times flight time