PGYTECH OneMo Backpack 25L + Shoulder Bag (Twilight)

Item Code: P-CB-020


  • Designed for Drone and Photography Enthusiasts.
  • Holds up to 30L (without Pouch 25L)
  • Rain Resistant
  • AUD $299.00  $315.00

    OneMo Backpack 25L + Shoulder Bag

    Holds your creative tools without holding you back.

    The Onemo backpack is specifically designed for drone and photography enthusiasts and content creators. The bag has been designed with intent and aims to meet the preferences and habits of these enthusiasts and content creators. The design of the backpack and the built-in pouch have been adopted to meet the requirements of multiple scenarios.

    The 25L capacity can carry 2 drones and 5 lenses, which will meet the needs of short-distance photography, without looking bloated, and can carry a Ronin SC (without separate storage) or some clothes by expanding the space. Using the double, quick side opening, the upper part can be taken out with the camera, and the lower part can be taken out with the built-in pouch. The back has a large opening, with an internal DIY partition, making storage easy.

    The interior parts are made of waterproof and wear-resistant fabrics, which are easy to clean. It has a multi-layered sandwich structure, which is very effective for protecting equipment. The main bag has soft cushioning with a mesh design and air tunnels, making it both comfortable to wear and breathable. There is a battery power mark, an anti-theft zipper, a multi-pocket and multi-function strap, a multi-handle and other details to help with safer and more efficient outdoor shooting.


    Built In Pouch Mode

    With a separate shoulder strap, the built-in expandable sling bag gives you more choices in how you travel. Leave the bulk at home and take just the essentials! 

    PGYTECH OneMo Backpack 25L Shoulder Bag

    Dedicated Pockets For Battery

    There are three dedicated pockets for your camera batteries with charge level indicator, so you will never grab a dead battery again. 

    Dedicated Pockets For Battery

    Customisable Compartments 

    PGYTECH's OneMo bag is module because every journey is unique. We designed different dividers that can be folded to provide limitless customisation for your backpack. Using DIY dividers, the main compartment can be arranged in any configuration to fit all your travel needs, even if they change. 

    OneMo Customisable Compartments

    5L Expandable Storage On The Back

    Compressible storage space in the front of the backpack accommodates photography equipment, such as Ronin SC and your daily neccessities such as clothes, sleeping gear and maybe a lens cloth. 


    Stay Dry

    Hiking can be sweaty and humid, a soft cushion with mesh design and air tunnels is designed to provide extra comfort and keep your back dry. 


    Anti-Theft Compartment 

    Zippers are lockable and designed to withstand penetration. The safe pocket for your passport and wallet keep your valuables where they belong. 

    OneMo bag

    Built To Last 

    OneMo is designed for all weather conditions, and is made with water-resistant material. It also comes with a built-in rain cover for extreme weather conditions. The polyester fiber material of OneMo backpack is scratch resistant and tear resistant.

    OneMo Bag