PGYTECH Osmo Pocket / Osmo Pocket 2 CPL Filter (Professional)

Item Code: P-19C-067

AUD $31.00 

PGYTECH DJI Pocket 2 CPL Filter (Professional)


Control how the light enters the sensor with his magnetic filter that clamps on easily.

Made with German SCHOTT glass and is water, oil and scratch resistant.


The CPL Filter eliminates glare from reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or even glass windows.
It increases colour saturation and image clarity to create more expressive and vivid photos.
Rotate to change its polarising effect.


Provides 1 Stop of light.
Increases saturation/contract
Increases Clarity
Magnetic quick-release design.

In The Box

1 x PGYTECH Osmo Pocket / Osmo Pocket 2 CPL Filter (Professional)


Osmo Pocket
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