PolarPro Mavic Air 2 | 2-5 stop VND filter

Item Code: AR2-2/5-VND

Mavic Air 2 optimized
Professional-grade CinemaSeries™ Glass
Aerospace Aluminum Frame

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AUD $89.00 

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PolarPro Mavic Air 2 | 2 to 5 Stop VND


This VND features 2-5 of precise light control, ideal for afternoon or golden hour flights. Reduce your shutter speed by utilizing the laser-etched stop indicators without the hassle of needing to swap out filters. Constructed of an aerospace aluminum frame, each filter is gimbal optimized and true to the compact form of the Mavic Air 2.


Mavic Air 2 Optimised
2-5 stop single filter
Polarisation indicator laser etched onto each ND/PL frame
Aerospace Aluminium Frame

In The Box

1 x Mavic Air 2 2-5 Stop VND Filter


DJI Mavic Air 2