RoboMaster S1 PlayMore Kit V2

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AUD $179.00 

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RoboMaster S1 PlayMore Kit


The RoboMaster PlayMore Kit includes one Gamepad, one Intelligent Battery, one Gel Bead Container and one Bottle Of Gel Beads, allowing you to the make the most out of your RoboMaster S1.

Specifically designed for the RoboMaster S1, this ergonomic gamepad allows users to connect the S1 with a mobile device and use the in-built control sticks and physical buttons to allow precise movement. This includes for launching the canon and various custom skills. Your game play experience will be significantly improved with the Gamepad.

Intelligent Battery
The 4.2 V high-voltage battery was specially designed for the DJI RoboMaster S1. It uses three high-energy lithium-ion cells, and has a rated capacity of up to 25.92 Wh, providing a 35-minute operation time and a 100-minute standby time. (drive time tested at a constant speed of 2 m/s on a flat surface).

Gel Bead Container
Capable of holding approximately 430 gel beads.

Bottle of Gel Beads
Made of sodium polyacrylate, safe and non-toxic. It is recommended to use pure water to soak the gel beads at room temperature for three to four hours. Each bottle contains about 10,000 gel beads.


Dedicated gamepad for enhanced gameplay experience.
Essential accessories for endless fun.
Ensure to only use standard DJI Gel Beads to ensure ideal launching effects..

In The Box

Gamepad x 1
Intelligent Battery x 1
Gel Bead Container x 1
Bottle of Gel Beads x 1
Micro USB Cable x 1


RoboMaster S1