TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery (4280mAh)

Item Code: INSPIREP50

Recommend purchasing in pairs. Each pair provides Max 25*-minute flight time with the Zenmuse X5S, 27*-minute flight time with the Zenmuse X4S.
Compatible with Matrice 200 Series and Ronin 2

AUD $269.00 

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TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery (4280 mAh)


The new Inspire 2 battery uses higher performance and a higher density battery cell with an overall larger capacity as well as an updated management unit. Its performance in low temperature environments has been optimised with a built-in 70W self-heating system capable and heating itself to 5 degrees Celsius every minute. This self-heating function can be enabled either automatically or manually. The management unit constantly monitors battery status, making all information, including battery level and temperature easily visible in DJI GO.

For reference, each pair provides 25 minutes max flight time on the Zenmuse X5s.
Each pair provides 27 minutes flight time with the Zenmuse X4s. 


Built perfect for the Inspire 2. 


Capacity is 4280 mAh.
Voltage is 222.8 V.
Battery type is LiPo 6S.
Energy is 97.58 Wh.
Net weight is 515 grams.
Charging temperature is 5 to 40 degrees. 
Max charging power is 180W. 


Inspire 2