Chasing M2 Pro with Chasing Reel

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A versatile, all-round underwater ROV, the Chasing M2 Pro is the aquatic drone for your next mission.

4K camera
150 metre maximum dive depth
Up to 5 hours of battery life
4 knots speed

AUD $5,299.00 

Equipped with a 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor capable of delivering high quality 4K footage, plus a depth rating of 150m, the Chasing M2 Pro is the ultimate companion for underwater missions. The lightweight M2 Pro is portable, easy to use and equipped for various industrial applications including underwater inspections and search and rescue.

Upgrading from the Chasing M2? Here’s what’s new:

Improved motor delivers provides a 50% performance upgrade

150 metre waterproof level for deeper exploration

4K camera provides crystal clear imaging

700Wh battery for up to 5 hours of underwater exploration

Limitless Potential

Industrial Applications

With an intelligent design, multiple power supply options and a variety of accessories, the M2 Pro is prepared for every scenario and can be configured to suit your needs. The M2 Pro is ideal for industrial applications including underwater search and rescue, water conservancy and hydropower inspection, scientific exploration, hull and dock inspection and aquaculture inspection.

Seamless Maneuvers

360 Movement

Sporting eight, high-power vectored thrusters, the M2 Pro is capable of omni-movement in all directions, allowing for forward, backward and lateral movement in addition to seamless vertical floating and diving and 360° rotations. The M2 Pro can be easily controlled and maneuvered under any posture, and can be moved to achieve precise viewing angles.

Crystal Clear Images

4K Camera

Equipped with a 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor, the M2 Pro is capable of capturing 4K video and detailed 12 MP photos with a 152° FOV and an F/1.8 lens. Electronic image stabilisation ensures that video is smooth and stable despite underwater micro-movements. Plus, 4000 lumens LED lights help you capture every image with clarity.

Power your Mission

2 Power Options

The M2 Pro comes with multiple power options including onboard replaceable batteries and tethered AC power supplies.

Replaceable Battery Pack
The M2 Pro’s default 300Wh lithium battery powers the unit for over 2 hours and can be easily recharged and replaced. Alternatively, an optional 700Wh lithium battery provides up to 5 hours of drone operation.

AC Power Supply
Equip the M2 Pro with a tethered AC power supply to achieve virtually unlimited battery life and limitless underwater exploration.

Aquatic Adventuring

Powerful Motor

With a powerful 150W anti-stuck motor, the M2 Pro can resist the flow of water at 4 knots in all directions, keeping the M2 Pro stable, steady and efficient when in the water.

Explore Unknown Waters

Deep Sea Diving

Featuring a new waterproof level of 150 metres, the M2 Pro can dive to new depths with an operating temperature of -10℃ to 45℃.

Where To Buy Chasing M2 Pro? 

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