Chasing M2 With 200m Tether

Item Code: CHASING-M2-200T

Lightweight. Efficient. Durable. Designed for the depths, the Chasing M2 is configurable for your mission and provides stellar deep sea performance.

AUD $3,899.00  $4,499.00

Sporting patented anti-stuck motors that propel the ROV in any direction at up to 3 knots speed, the Chasing M2 is an efficient underwater ROV that is perfect for underwater missions. The onboard 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor is capable of 4K video and 12 MP photos, producing clear underwater visuals.

What are the Chasing M2's key features?

100 metre waterproof level, ideal for deeper dives

4K camera provides crystal clear imaging

Anti-Stuck motor prevents accidental snags and catches

Limitless Potential

Endless Applications

The Chasing M2 is designed to help you achieve your mission, large or small, and is ideal for underwater photography and videography, scientific and aquaculture inspections and more. Industrial applications include search and rescue missions and underwater hull and dock inspections.

Seamless Maneuvers

360 Movement

Sporting eight, high-power vectored thrusters, the M2 is capable of omni-movement in all directions, allowing for forward, backward and lateral movement in addition to seamless vertical floating and diving and 360° rotations. The M2 can be easily controlled and maneuvered under any posture, and can be moved to achieve precise viewing angles.

Crystal Clear Images

4K Camera

The M2 provides a crystal clear imaging solution with its 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor, capable of delivering high quality 4K video and detailed 12 MP photos. With an F/1.8 lens and 152° FOV, the camera is perfect for capturing vivid underwater images, plus with electronic image stabilisation, footage remains super smooth despite underwater movement. 4000 lumens of LED light guide your way and brighten your shots.

Built for Versatility

Intelligent Design

Swappable Battery
The M2 design provides easy battery swapping so that your operation never skips a beat. Optionally, use the 200Wh battery to double your dive time.

Anti-Stuck Motor
With the patented anti-stuck motor, M2 operates safely and efficiently, without the risk of being caught in sand or debris.

Use one touch depth-lock to halt and hover with the M2, allowing for accurate shooting and observation.

Real-Time Reporting
The M2 intelligently reports and records underwater temperatures and depth for professional data support.

Explore Unknown Waters

Deep-Sea Diving

The M2 is safe to operate at depths up to 100 metres and temperatures from -10℃ to 45℃, making it ideal for deep-sea navigation. Plus with a 3-knot maximum speed, the M2 can dive and resurface without delay.

Where To Buy Chasing M2 with 200m Tether? 

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