D1 VIP Set-Up and Configuration


Exclusive Offer
Our experts will activate, confiture and update the drone and accessories firmware.
Note: Must be purchased with a drone

AUD $39.00  $79.00

D1 VIP Service

Set-Up and Configuration

Starting flying straight out of the box

Setting up your brand new DJI Drone can be time consuming with different firmware updates that are required on the drone, battery and remote controller. This process is a hassle if you are restricted on time or if you live in an area with poor internet, the process can seem like forever.
By the time everything is done, the weather might have changed (especially if you’re in Melbourne) or you've got to move onto something else.
That’s where our helpful set-up service is the perfect solution for you and will allow you to start flying once you open the box. Here at D1 Store, we are offering a unique VIP service where our experts will take care of all the boring stuff so you can take to the skies in no time.

Our Four Simple Steps


9 Point Inspection
We do a 9 point inspection to visually inspect and ensure all the components are there. If there are any damaged components, we will replace them.

Fully Charge the Batteries
We charge the battery to 100%, this will ensure they wake correctly from their hibernation mode.

Activating The Drone
We either create a DJI account for you or use your DJI Account and activate the drone along with the care refresh. Our team will contact you to get your details.

Firmware Upgrades
We update the firmware on the drone, batteries and remote control so that you have the latest version straight out of the box*

Test Flight

Take Off
We ensure the drone is able to take off through both the app and manually with the remote. After take-off, we let the drone settle and hover. Whilst hovering, our experts will listen and visually inspect the drone to determine if there is anything abnormal.

We will check if the control sticks on the controller are responding to movements as well as how the drone is responding to the movements. We can set your control stick modes to your preferred set-up, default is mode 2.

Internal Sensors
We will check if the drone’s compass, GPS and IMU are operating correctly and will calibrate accordingly.

We will test the camera functionality through sample photos and videos.

Obstacle Avoidance
We will test the obstacle avoidance cameras (if applicable) to ensure they are working and can detect pre-set objects.

Post Flight

Battery Check
We check the statue of the battery and cells to ensure all cells are functional

Visual Checks
Our trained staff fully inspect for any signs of stress to the body and camera mounts from flight.

Final Inspection
The drone is cleaned, repackaged with all the contents of the box and will come with our pre and post flight checklist.