DJI Maintenance Program Basic Service (M200 Series V1)

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AUD $549.00 

Basic Maintenance Service for M200 Series V1


Perfect for the Matrice 200 Series V1 

Environments with sand, dust, and humidity are unavoidable when using your aircraft. Some parts will become worn, and metal parts may even corrode more quickly. We will clean your aircraft carefully to reduce the impact of sand and dust on the aircraft, and we will apply rust-preventive oil onto the aircraft's key metal parts to reduce the impact of humid weather on the aircraft

Our DJI Certified Maintenance Technicians have had years of experience with DJI Drones, accessories along with the necessary maintenance tools. We will provide professional maintenance services to your aircraft that is all backed by the manufacturer, DJI. 


✔ Deep Clean 

✔ Parts Inspection 

✔ Firmware updates 

✔ Calibration 

How It Works 

1. Purchase the DJI Maintenance program for your Drone. 

2. Our team will organise a time for you to drop your drone off at our store.
Alternative transport can be arranged if store drop off is not feasible. 

3. Our trained maintenance technicians will perform the Basic Service. 

4. Once completed, you will be notified your drone is ready for collection. 


Matrice 200 V1
Matrice 210 V1