Zenmuse X7 (Lens Excluded)

Item Code: ZENMUSEX7

Super 35 Sensor for High End Filming
24 MP Sensor
6K CinemaDNG
5.2K Apple ProRes
14 Stops of Dynamic Range

Fully compatible with the DJI Inspire 2, the Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking.

AUD $4,299.00 

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DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 Australia at D1 Store DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Overview) Australia at D1 Store

The Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking that delivers stunningresolution and image quality. Its compatibility with the Inspire 2 offers the best in next-level professional aerial cinematography.A 24 MP CMOS sensor rated at 14 stops of dynamic range preserves astonishing detail and offers both 6K CinemaDNG and5.2K Apple ProRes with support for continuous RAW burst shooting at 20 fps and 24 MP stills.

The X7 also introduces the DL-Mount, the world's first integrated aerial lens mount that allows switching between four availableprime lenses quickly. For seamless editing, a new DJI Cinema Color System preserves accurate colors for easier post-processing.These latest innovations allow filmmakers to reach new heights and capture scenes as they imagine them with the DJI Zenmuse X7.

Engineered for Excellence

The X7 uses a Super 35 sensor, and its high readout speed supports RAW output at 6K/30 fps and 3.9K/59.94 fps. The pixel size reaches 3.91 µm and the diagonal length of the sensor is 26.6 mm when recording. A sensor this size offers a higher sensitivity to light and 14 stops of dynamic range — much wider than the 12.8 stops featured on the Zenmuse X5S.Furthermore, the SNR of the X7 is 46 dB, 8 dB higher than the X5S, and the tonal range is as high as 9.41 bits. All of these features offer unlimited creative options for a better workflow in the most demanding situations on set.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Engineered for Excellence) Australia at D1 Store

Dynamic Range

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Dynamic Range) Australia at D1 Store


DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (SNR) Australia at D1 Store

Wide Dynamic Range Scene

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Wide Dynamic Range Scene) Australia at D1 Store

DJI DL-Mount System

Taking advantage of new FSI-Cu technology, the X7’s sensor features thinner interconnection, allowing light to reach the sensing area via alarger incident angle for increased photosensitivity. This enables amore compact lens mount to be used on this sensor while maintaining excellent image quality.The flange focal distance of the DL-Mount is less than 17 mm – roughly 1/3 of the size of a PL-Mount. Such a compact mount means that the X7 weighs only about 630 g with a lens included. Together, the X7 and Inspire 2 weigh around just 4 kg with the ability to capture the same challenging shots as more heavy-duty setups weighing up to 40 kg.

58 mm


16.84 mm

Flange Focal Distance



DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (DJI-DL Mount System) Australia at D1 Store DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Flange Focal Distance) Australia at D1 Store

DL Lenses

DJI offers four prime lenses for the DL-Mount system, with focal lengths ranging from 16-50 mm and resolutions of up to 8K. Made of lightweight carbon fiber and designed by world-leading optics teams, the four lenses have been embedded with advanced technologies crafted specifically for the X7’s high-end image sensor.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (DL Lenses – DL-S 16mm) Australia at D1 Store DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (DL Lenses- DL 24mm) Australia at D1 Store DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (DL Lenses- DL 35mm) Australia at D1 Store DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (DL Lenses –DL 50mm) Australia at D1 Store


DL-S 16mm


DL 24mm


DL 35mm


DL 50mm



Approx. 182 g

Approx. 178 g

Approx.180 g

Approx. 182 g

Max Aperture






13 / 12 / 4

9 / 8 / 3

9 / 8 / 3

9 / 7 / 2

Close Focus

0.40 m

0.65 m

0.85 m

0.93 m

Front Diameter

46 mm

46 mm

46 mm

46 mm

Barrel Dimensions(diameter*length)

φ55.0 × 69.1 mm

(including lens hood)

φ55.0 × 71.2 mm

(including lens hood)

φ55.0 × 71.2 mm

(including lens hood)

φ55.0 × 71.2 mm

(including lens hood)



Built-in ND

Leaf shutter

Leaf shutter

Leaf shutter

More Creative Flexibility

To unleash the X7's full potential, the CineCore image processing system on the Inspire 2 has been fully upgraded to CineCore 2.1.It is capable of recording 6K/30fps CinemaDNG and 5.2K/30fpsApple ProRes, leaving more creative options in post-production.A brand new EI Mode has been integrated into CineCore 2.1, which can record high-quality footage at various levels of sensitivity. Additionally, the upgraded image processing system further reduces image artifacts and noise, preserving more details while adopting an improved dark level correction system for pro-level cinematic images.Apart from improved image processing performance, CineCore 2.1 also features a new color system, giving professional filmmakers more creative flexibility in post-production.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (More Creative Flexibility) Australia at D1 Store

A Game Changer from Shoot to Finish

To unlock the wide-ranging possibilities of DJI professional imaging systems and open more room for post-processingaerial photography in filmmaking, DJI is proud to introduce the brand new DJI Cinema Color System.

The new color system consists of a new D-Log curve and a D-Gamut RGB color space. With professional cinematography in mind, the D-Log can encode 15 stops of dynamic range, two stops higher than the CineCore 2.0. Even in poor light conditions, the X7 can still preserve stunning detail in shadows and highlights, leaving more room for post-production creativity.

D-Gamut covers the entire DCI-P3 color space commonly used in filmmaking. Tailored for aerial cinematography and stills photography,D-Gamut provides larger green tone coverage, delivering beautifulgreen gradation for your shoots.

D-Gamut also offers optimized skin tone adjustment by moving these tones to their most suitable chromaticity, ensuring vivid colors are reflected from every inch of skin. By applying the dedicated 3D-LUTin color grading, skin tones will softly transition, even with wide exposure differences. When designing D-Gamut, we considered manual color grading, preventing skin tones from turning yellow when editing without 3D-LUT or color management.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (DJI Color System) Australia at D1 Store

Extended Dynamic Range

Wider dynamic range under similar settings.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Extended Dynamic Range) Australia at D1 Store

Natural Highlight Roll Off

When adjusting image brightness during color grading, colors will fade out simultaneously with brightness.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Natural Highlight Roll-Off) Australia at D1 Store

Balanced Color: Easier Grading

Saturation on R/G/B color is carefully balanced.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Balanced Color : Easier Grading  Australia at D1 Store

Soft Skin Tones

Softer skin tones leave more room for post-editing.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (Soft Skin Tone) Australia at D1 Store

More Creative Possibilities

In addition to official LUTs from DJI, many widely-available LUTscan also be used.

DJI Inspire Accessories –Zenmuse X7 (More Creative Possibilities) Australia at D1 Store