OSMO Mobile Silver

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Make your phone videos more cinematic and shoot stunning motion time lapses.

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Osmo Mobile Silver

Shoot Smartphone Videos in Silver Screen Quality with the OSMO Mobile Silver - Get Free Shipping!

Just mount your smartphone on the DJI OSMO Mobile to help you get that perfect shot, by smoothing out your movements and stabilising your camera. Shoot in low light, take panoramic shots or create time lapse videos you’ll love to share with the DJI Go app.

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DJI Osmo Mobile Australia at D1 Store


Osmo Mobile turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera, making every moment you shoot look smooth, professional and ready to share. Shoot cinematic videos anytime, or use its intelligent functions to track your subject, capture stunning motion timelapses or even stream a moment live around the globe. Two colors are available: Classic Black and Silver, so your Osmo Mobile can match your style.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Cinematic Smartphone Video) Australia at D1 Store


If you have ever walked around while shooting video with your smartphone, you will know how hard it is to keep your camera still. Osmo Mobile smooths and even cancels out the movements you make, stopping camera shake and turning every shot into cinematic video.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Effortlessly Smooth) Australia at D1 Store


Make your beauty shine with the Osmo Mobile’s beautify technology. Using automatic identification and intelligent processing technologies inside the DJI GO app2, it polishes up your photos and videos to give them that perfect, professional sheen.
*Available on iOS, coming soon to Android.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Bring Out your Beauty) Australia at D1 Store DJI Osmo Mobile (Live Streaming) Australia at D1 Store


Share moments using YouTube Live and Facebook Live inside DJI GO. Every stream you shoot will be steady and smooth, as if you have your own personal camera crew.
*Available on iOS, coming soon to Android.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Slow-Motion Video) Australia at D1 Store


Shoot silky smooth slow motion1 that make even simple movements look dramatic and cinematic.
*Slow motion frame rate and resolution is dependent on smartphone capabilities. Not available on Android.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Be in the Moment) Australia at D1 Store


ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app allows the Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smartphone facing you as you move. You no longer have to choose between recording a moment or taking part in it. Do both and share scenes from your life that people have never seen.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Capture Time) Australia at D1 Store


Motion timelapse videos are an awe inspiring way to show the passing of time. You used to need professional equipment and skills to capture them but using the Osmo Mobile and your phone, making your own is as easy as a few taps.


Take 1-second long exposures without a tripod for sharp night shots. With 3-axis stabilization, the Osmo Mobile will keep your phone steady. Place the Osmo Mobile on its tripod and point it up at the sky to capture stunning star trails that are ready for instant sharing.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Dramatic Long Exposure) Australia at D1 Store DJI Osmo Mobile (Detailed Panoramas) Australia at D1 Store


Take big, detailed landscape photos you will want to frame using only your smartphone and the Osmo Mobile. Its Panorama function automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together to create one stunning photo.


DJI Osmo Mobile (Control-More Features) Australia at D1 Store


Control your phone camera like a professional camera, with dedicated buttons for the Shutter and Record, as well as manual ISO, Shutter and White Balance settings.


Make the Osmo Mobile Joystick work the way you want it to. Set sensitivity, invert pan or tilt, or even set it so that the gimbal can only move in specific directions. Use Push Mode to change the direction of the gimbal directly using your hand.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Control- More Features) Australia at D1 Store


Using an optimized Bluetooth connection, the Osmo Mobile is able to detect your smart device and sync up automatically and quickly if it has been paired before, so you can get shooting faster.


Created for professional filmmaking using mobile devices, the FiLMiC Pro app turns smartphones into broadcast capable high definition video cameras.

DJI Osmo Mobile (Battery-More Features) Australia at D1 Store


High energy efficiency and high capacity batteries give the Osmo Mobile a maximum run time of 4.5 hours. Batteries can be quickly and effortlessly swapped out, and an external battery extender can be used for even longer life.


Use the dedicated USB charging port for both charging and firmware upgrades. Charging will take approximately 3 hours when using a 1amp source

DJI Osmo Mobile (Design-More Features) Australia at D1 Store


Osmo Mobile features the same high quality materials and technologies found in the rest of the Osmo family. It is compatible with a range of phones, from 2.3in to 3.3in (59mm to 85mm) width.


Osmo Mobile is made of a strong, lightweight and corrosion-proof magnesium alloy commonly found on aircraft and high-end cameras. Created using semi-solid casting technology, the Osmo Mobile’s surfaces are smooth to the touch.

DJI Osmo Mobile (More Features) Australia at D1 Store


Used with its range of accessories, the Osmo Mobile can be mounted almost anywhere, giving you even more opportunities to get that perfect shot.


The Osmo Mobile is open for people to develop their own great ideas and apps. Check back often to discover our favorite new Osmo Mobile apps.

Osmo Mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store

Mobile Phone Gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store

Intelligent Battery

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store

Power Cable

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store

Wrist Strap

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store

Rosette Protection Cap

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store

Carrying Pouch

DJI Osmo Mobile (In the Box) Australia at D1 Store



1. Is Osmo Mobile able to hold any phone?

The Osmo Mobile supports smartphones measuring from 58.6mm-84.8mm width and up to 8.4mm thick. This covers most phones currently available, from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 6s Plus and Android phones of similar sizes. Please note that actual compatibility might be affected by accessories attached to your phone. Certain form factors including side button layout should also be considered.

2.How to power on Osmo Mobile in my first use?

Step 1, Activating the Intelligent Battery. Before powering on the Osmo Mobile, insert the battery into Osmo Mobile and connect the unit to a power source using the dedicated charging cable for battery activation. Step 2, Registering your Osmo Mobile via DJI GO. Power on the unit and pair it with your mobile device. Instructions will be shown in DJI GO automatically to guide you through the registration and activation process.

3. What is the hardware requirement of my phone when using the Osmo Mobile?

Osmo Mobile utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with phones. Though Bluetooth 4.0 has become a standard for current phones, we suggest you to check compatibility by revisiting the specs sheet.

4. Can I use ActiveTrack in any operation mode i.e. Standard, Portrait, Underslung, and Flashlight?

ActiveTrack is available in all modes except Portrait Mode due to limited horizontal camera field of view (FOV) when the phone is held upright. When shooting in Portrait Mode, a subject might move out of the frame easily and leave no time for the gimbal to adjust its orientation.

5. Can I set the ActiveTrack speed? How fast can it move?

No. Tracking speed cannot be set. The Osmo Mobile will adjust its movement according to the speed of the object, so you do not need to set its speed according to how you use it. The fastest it can track is the same as its Max Controllable Speed, 120°/s.

6. Is ActiveTrack compatible with all phones?

No. ActiveTrack is not compatible with certain phones (i.e. iPhone 5s and iPhone 5) due to limitations within the phones.

7.Does the different resolution of front and rear cameras affect ActiveTrack performance?

No. ActiveTrack is not affected by camera resolution.


1. Can I add an external microphone to the 3.5mm port of the Osmo Mobile handle?

No. When using Osmo Mobile, the recording of sound is handled by your phone other than the gimbal system. For such reason, we redesigned the 3.5mm port as a dedicated port for charging and firmware upgrading.

2. Are the Control Panel and trigger still the same as the Osmo?

Yes. The Osmo Mobile uses the same handle design as the Osmo. You can use the trigger for multiple controls for both the gimbal and camera — hold it down for locking the gimbal’s direction, double tap for re-centering. Unlike other Osmo cameras, tapping the trigger three times does not rotate the phone. Instead, it switches your phone from front camera to rear camera.

3. Can I zoom when using Osmo Mobile?

Yes. By holding the trigger then moving the joystick upward or downward, you can control the digital zoom. Please note that image quality will be affected as you zoom in digital way.

4.Can I replace the gimbal of the Osmo Mobile with a Zenmuse X3?

No. The Osmo Mobile is sold as a complete unit. The gimbal is therefore non-detachable.


1. Can I control shutter speed and ISO etc. from my smartphone?

Yes. You can set parameters manually in the Camera Settings menu. This function is only supported on iOS devices.

2. When recording video, can I record at whatever resolution I have set inside the DJI Go app?

The DJI GO app will automatically select the optimal video resolution base on the performance and specs of your phone. If you want to manually change video resolution or ratio, you can access such feature via the Camera Settings menu in DJI GO. Maximum video resolution and still image size will be limited by the hardware specs, for example the iPhone 6s can shoot video at 4K resolution while iPhone 6 can only shoot FHD video.

3. Are the camera settings in the DJI GO app affecting the resolution of my phone’s video itself?


4. Is there anything inside the app that tells me how much storage space I have remaining for video on my phone?

If you are an iOS user, the app will tell you how much storage space there is for video. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Android users.

5. Can I broadcast live videos through a third-party video platform? How?

Yes. Go to Settings, Choose Live Broadcast Platform and choose the Custom option (or type in the platform’s name) then follow the on-screen instructions.

6. What is the difference between Walk and Sport Mode?

The main difference is the gimbal’s speed tracking your movements. In Sport Mode, the gimbal follows your movements closely and is suitable for shooting fast moving objects. In Walk Mode, the gimbal reduces shake generated by your hands, allowing you to get stable shots on the move.

7. Can I set the speed of the Joystick?

Yes, you can choose and set slow, medium, and fast speeds in the app.

8.Should I turn on Tripod Mode when shooting timelapse videos?

Yes. You can enable the Tripod Mode when shooting timelapse videos from a fixed angle. However, if shooting hyperlapse videos, Tripod Mode should be switched off.

9. Why is manual adjustment of metering, focus and zoom disabled when shooting motion timelapse videos?

To ensure optimum image quality, manual adjustment of these functions has been disabled when shooting timelapse videos.

10. How many points can I set when shooting motion timelapse videos?

A maximum of 5.

11. What is Pitch Lock Mode?

The shooting direction of the phone camera will not be affected by the movement of your arms in a tilt axis.

12. Can I exit Portrait or Underslung mode using the DJI GO app?


13. Where are photos and video captured by the Osmo Mobile stored?

For iOS users, they will be stored in the DJI GO app. For Android users, you can choose to store photos and video either in your phone or on a SD card.

14. Can I use Beautify for shooting photos and recording video?

Yes. You can use it for both. However, it is only available for video recording at 720p.

15.Is Beautify available when shooting with front and rear cameras?



1. Is the Osmo Mobile using the original Osmo battery? How long are charge times and battery life?

Yes. The Osmo Mobile uses the same battery as the original Osmo (980 mAh). A full charge requires 3 hours, and battery life varies between 3 and 4.5 hours.

2.What is the maximum charging current for the Osmo Mobile?

The maximum charging current is 2.1A.

3.Is the Osmo Mobile compatible with Osmo’s High Capacity Battery and External Battery Extender?


4.Can I use the charging cable for other electronic products like my phone and computer?


5.Can other USB cables work with my Osmo Mobile?

No. Please always use the dedicated USB cable for the Osmo Mobile when charging and upgrading.


1. Does the Osmo Mobile connect to my phone via Wi-Fi just like the Osmo?

No. The Osmo Mobile connects to your phone via Bluetooth with a few easy taps in the DJI GO app.

2. How is Bluetooth connection better than Wi-Fi?

The connection speed of Bluetooth is faster than Wi-Fi. Once your phone is connected to the Osmo Mobile, it will automatically connect again the next time you use the same phone.

3.How do I know which device is mine when there are several Osmo Mobiles around my phone?

We give every Osmo Mobile a unique serial number, which is located on the left of the phone holder. You can easily locate your device by finding the serial number. You can also change the name of your device in the DJI GO app.


1.Does the Osmo Mobile support all Osmo accessories?

The Osmo Mobile has the same rosette mount as the Osmo meaning that accessories are interchangeable for both. We recommend using the Osmo Mobile with the Osmo Base or the Extension Rod with the Tripod for longer exposures or Motion Timelapses.

2.Can I attach an external lens to my phone when using Osmo Mobile?

Yes. However external lenses may affect the balance of the gimbal. Large, heavy lenses are not recommended.