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Tello EDU provides the perfect way to learn and have aerial fun while doing it! Programmable using Swift, Python or Scratch, with Tello EDU, you’re in control!

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Learning to program has never been this easy - or fun - with Tello EDU! Featuring DJI’s advanced flight control technology, 13 minutes of flight time and precise hovering, the Tello EDU is an all-in-one package for education, creativity and fun!

What's Different about the Tello EDU?

The big brother of Tello, the Tello EDU is custom-designed to deliver the ultimate STEM classroom experience, enabling students to learn and experience programming with real time results. Tello EDU's SDK 2.0 provides endless learning possibilites with Swift, Python and Scratch integration.

What's new?

14 Core Intel Processor delivers powerful programmability and custom control.

SDK 2.0 for learning the basics of Swift, Python or Scratch.

5MP Camera for capturing awesome moments and captivating photos.

Mission Pads offer all new possibilities for fun and learning. 

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Let Creativity Fly.

Tello EDU allows you to take control and harness the power of a 14 core Intel processor to fly one, two or even an entire swarm of Tello EDU’s at once! With the possibilities offered by SDK 2.0, the only limit is your imagination!

Advanced Programming, Simplified.

New to programming? That’s okay! With Tello EDU’s easy-to-use SDK 2.0, you can effortlessly learn to program with basic block programming in Swift, Python or Scratch. Learn to write code and develop AI functions, or use Mission Pads to help program and perform aerial acrobatics.

Capture Awesome Images.

With Tello EDU’s 5MP camera and advanced electronic image stabilisation, now you can be a master photographer and capture crystal-clear images in the air. Love creating videos? Use pre-programmed EZ Shots to capture stylish videos with Up and Away, Circle and 360.

New Tello, New Tricks.

The Tello app is jam-packed with tricks and features for Tello EDU including old favourites like bounce mode and new full-throttle features including eight different stunt flips and convenient EZ shots.

D1 Trade-in.

Turn the drone you have into the one you want.

Trade-up your existing eligible drone, working or damaged, for credit towards a new DJI drone. Save time and money with D1.

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Takeoff Weight 87 g
Dimensions 98 × 92.5 × 41 mm 
Max Flight Time 13 minutes
Max Flight Distance 100 m
Max Flight Height
30 m
Max Flight Speed 8 m/s

Photo Effective Pixels: 5 MP
Still Image Size 2592 × 1936
FOV 82.6°
Video 720p/30fps
Photo Formats
Video Formats

General FAQ

Does Tello EDU support the Tello app? 

Yes, both the Tello EDU app and the Tello app are supported by Tello EDU. 

How are Mission Pads used? 

Tello EDU Mission Pads User Guide provides a detailed guide to Mission Pad use. 

How many Tello EDU units can be used simultaneously for swarm flying?

Up to 4 Tello EDU units can be used simultaneously for swarm flying.


How is Tello EDU controlled?

Tello EDU is controlled directly through the Tello app or with a supported Bluetooth controller.

Can Tello EDU fly indoors?

Yes, Tello EDU can be flown safely indoors. 

Is Tello EDU waterproof

No, Tello EDU is not waterproof.


How far can Tello EDU’s video camera transmit?

Tello EDU’s maximum flight range is 100 meters. Please note that the flying environment may impact Tello EDU’s flight range. 

Where are captured photos and videos stored?

Photos captured on Tello EDU are stored on a connected smartphone where they can be exported. 

Does Tello EDU require an SD card?

No, captured photos and videos are stored on a connected smartphone. 


How are Tello EDU’s batteries charged?

Tello EDU batteries are charged using the aircraft’s built-in Micro USB port. Alternatively, the Tello Battery Charging Hub can be used to charge three batteries sequentially. 

Can Tello EDU batteries be hot-swapped?

No, Tello EDU batteries cannot be hot-swapped. 


How is Tello EDU’s firmware updated?

Firmware for Tello EDU can be updated via the Tello app on a connected smartphone. 

Can Tello EDU’s firmware be updated via computer? 

No, Tello EDU cannot currently be updated via computer. 


Which Bluetooth controllers are compatible with Tello EDU?

The GameSir T1d controller is designed and optimised to be compatible with Tello EDU.  

What accessories are available for Tello EDU?

Compatible Tello EDU accessories are available here