The small Tello is the perfect step to get into the world of droning. Not only is it one of the most engaging drones to fly, it is also the best budget-friendly drone on the market today. Made by Ryze Tech and powered by DJI and Intel technology, the Tello is both small and lightweight approximately at 80g with propellers and battery, yet it is extremely smart with its various functions. This includes the ability to perform aerial stunts in 8 directions, auto take-off and landing as well as taking 5-MP photos. The vision positioning system is class leading and comes with low battery protection, collision detection and propeller protection.

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350mm USB cable for apple

AUD $10

Sun Hood Pro for Tablets(9.7 inch)

AUD $39


D1 Hat

AUD $15 AUD $20


D1 Lens Cloth

AUD $5 AUD $15