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The new and improved DJI Action 2 is packed with new features including magnetic design. 4K 120fps, 32GB built in memory and up to 160 minutes of recording.

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Redesigned from the ground up to provide an all-new, versatile action camera experience, the DJI Action 2 delivers unparalleled performance in every action scenario. The Action 2 packs a bunch, combining a 4K/120fps camera with an innovative new magnetic design, allowing you to effortlessly attach accessories to capture your creativity in the city, by the beach, in the sky or even in FPV.

The Action 2 is more versatile than ever before, with support for a range of accessories including the magnetic lanyard and remote control extension rod. Plus with versatile shooting modes and DJI Mimo app integration, producing stand-out content is easier than ever.

What's Different between the Dual Screen and Power Combos?

The DJI Action 2 Dual Screen and Power Combos are both equipped with the innovative DJI Action but feature one main difference  the bottom module they come with. The Power Combo comes with the Battery Module that extends battery life up to 180 minutes. The Dual Screen Combo comes equipped with the Front Touchscreen Module that is perfect for vlogging. 

What's new?

Waterproof aluminium alloy body that is sleek, durable and lightweight. 

▪ Dual-screen design that extends battery life and is perfect for vlogging. 

Super wide 155° FOV for capturing immersive ultra-wide action shots.

HorizonSteady electronic image stabilisation for super-smooth and stable footage.

4K/120fps recording power for up to 8X super slow motion

Upgraded DJI Mimo integration helping you produce stellar content with ease. 

First Look & Overview.


  • DJI Action 2 - Capture the Action | D1 Store

Capture the Action.

Action 2 helps you capture cinema-level action footage with industry-leading camera performance, resulting in a compact package that delivers footage at up to 4K/120fps - perfect for showing off the action in slo-mo.

With an improved 155° ultra-wide FOV, you can capture more of the action than ever before for detailed results that highlight the action.


Action 2 features new advanced HorizonSteady electronic image stabilisation technology that ensures your footage stays level no matter how much action you throw at it.

This new stabilisation algorithm detects and corrects camera shake in real-time so you’ll have super smooth footage from the second you hit record.
  • DJI Action 2 - HorizonSteady | D1 Store
  • DJI Action 2 - All New Design | D1 Store

All New Design.

Engineered from the ground up for action enthusiasts, the Action 2 features a lightweight aluminium alloy body that is portable and durable, drop, dust and waterproof up to ten metres and always ready to go.

Plus, with an innovative new magnetic locking design, Action 2 gives you the ability to change accessories on the fly to create the optimal setup for your shooting scenario.

Versatile Shooting Modes.

8X Slow Motion
Elevate the action with 8X Slow Motion and turn your stunts into spectacular action setpieces worthy of a Hollywood set.

Digital Zoom
With built-in digital zoom, Action 2 can seamlessly switch from close-up to distance shots and back again all whilst recording.

Condense time into short videos with show-stopping timelapses.
  • DJI Action 2 - Versatile Shooting Modes | D1 Store
  • DJI Action 2 - Double the Screen, Double the Fun | D1 Store

Double the Screen, Double the Fun.

Turn the Action 2 into the ultimate vlogging tool with the Front Touchscreen Module that extends battery life up to 160 minutes! With a simple magnetic snap, you’re ready to be the centre of attention, with a forward-facing touchscreen giving you a live feed of all the action. Plus, with 4-mic DJI Matrix Stereo, you can capture crystal clear audio all without an external microphone. 

DJI Mimo. 

Filled with intuitive features and powerful editing tools, the DJI Mimo app lets you get the most out of the Action 2 and make your content stand out.

With a new and improved AI editor, you let Mimo take the work out of producing quality videos for sharing with friends. And with fast file transfer, you can transfer content to your phone in a flash.

  • DJI Action 2 - DJI Mimo | D1 Store


All About Action

Say hello to the all-new DJI Action 2, designed from scratch to deliver the best action camera experience ever, featuring 4K recording, a versatile new magnetic design, Intelligent Shooting modes and more!

4K Fun

Capture the action in stunning 4K with DJI Action 2. Optimised for high-octane adventures, the Action 2 camera delivers high-quality 4K footage that’s perfect for sharing on YouTube, social media and more.

All New Design

Sporting a game-changing new aluminium-alloy design, the Action 2 is ultra-durable and built to last. Dustproof, drop proof and waterproof, the Action 2 is ready for anything you can throw at it.

Portable Power

With Action 2’s compact form factor, you can record practically anywhere. The Action 2 is compatible with a wide variety of adapters, mounts and more, making it easy to set up to achieve the perfect shot.

What's New?

4K/120fps recording for show-stopping slo-mo results

Adaptable magnetic design powers easy pairing with accessories including modules, adapters and third-party options

▪ Perfect for recording in wet environments with waterproofing up to 10m

▪ Ultra-level video recording powered by new HorizonSteady Electronic Image Stabilisation

Super wide 155° FOV for capturing immersive ultra-wide action shots

▪ Creative new Intelligent Shooting Modes including Timelapse, 8X Slow Motion and Digital Zoom


4K Slow Mo

Improving upon the original DJI Osmo Action, the new Action 2 delivers greater camera performance than ever before with support for 4K/120fps recording through a huge 155° FOV.

Magnetic Design

With the Action 2’s new innovative new magnetic design you can snap on accessories with ease to create the ideal setup for your shot. Attach a variety of mounts, adapters and more in seconds to optimise your action camera recording.

Versatile Recording

Need some inspiration? Intelligent Shooting Modes to the rescue! Create dynamic content with ease using modes including 8X Slow Motion, Digital Zoom and Timelapse recording.


Introducing HorizonSteady, a brand new electronic image stabilisation algorithm built specially for the Action 2. Using advanced video AI, HorizonSteady helps ensure that every shot you capture remains level, no matter how hectic the action gets.

Dual Screen Design

Prefer to keep it casual with a fun vlog? Well you can capture it with DJI Action 2! With Action 2’s unique dual screen design, you can easily record your life on the go and know exactly how your shot looks at all times!

DJI Mimo

DJI Mimo is back and better than ever with powerful new tools to help you maximise the Action 2’s abilities. Use Mimo’s built-in editor to help you easily create stunning videos to share with friends on social media.

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  • 1x DJI Action 2 Camera Unit

  • 1x DJI Action 2 Front Touchscreen Module

  • 1x DJI Action 2 Magnetic Lanyard
  • 1x DJI Action 2 Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount
  • 1x DJI Action 2 Magnetic Adapter Mount
  • 1x Power Cable

Dimensions 39 × 39 × 22.3 mm
Weight 56 g
60m with Waterproof Case
1.76" 350 ppi
App DJI Mimo

Sensor 1/1.7" CMOS
Effective pixels: 12 MP
Lens FOV: 155° f/2.8
ISO Range Photo: 100-6400
Video: 100-6400
Max Image Size
4000 x 3000 pixels
Photography Modes
Countdown: 0.5/1/2/3/5/10s
Photo Formats
Video Resolution
4K (16:9) @ 24/25/30/48/50/60/100/120fps
4K (4:3) @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps
2.7K (16:9) @ 24/25/30/48/50/60/100/120fps
2.7K (4:3) @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps
1080p @ 24/25/30/48/50/60/100/120/200/240fps
HDR Video Resolution
4K @ 24/25/30fps
2.7K @ 24/25/30fps
1080p @ 24/25/30fps
Video Formats
MP4 (H.264 / HEVC)
Slow Motion
4K: 4x at 120fps
2.7K: 4x at 120 fps
1080p: 8x at 240 fps, 4x at 120fps
Max Video Bitrate
130 Mbps
Audio Output
48 KHz; AAC

580 mAh
Operating Time 70 minutes (recording 1080p/30fps)
Voltage 3.85 V

Front Touchscreen Module
Dimensions 39 × 41 × 24.6 mm
Weight 64 g
1.76" 350 ppi
Battery Capacity
1300 mAh
Operating Time
Camera unit and Front Touchscreen Module: 160 minutes (recording 1080p/30fps)
Charging Time
90 minutes

Recommended Accessories

Yes! DJI Care Refresh is the perfect way to protect your investment and allows you to have greater peace of mind wherever you go. With DJI Care Refresh, you will receive a prioritised replacement service including accidental water damage. This care refresh program minimises downtime and will get you back to filming in no time.

1 Year Plan  $39

The first replacement fee is $32 and the second replacement is $49.

2 Year Plan — $59

The first replacement is $32, the second replacement is $49 and the third replacement is $59.

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DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Launch Combo

General FAQ

The DJI Action 2 introduces an all new design and a powerful new camera capable of shooting 4K/120fps video. The Action 2 also features a new modular design, allowing users to equip the Front Touchscreen or Power module for more creative opportunities.

You can learn more about the differences with our Osmo Action Comparison Guide .

The DJI Action 2 Dual Screen and Power Combos are both equipped with the innovative DJI Action 2 but feature one main difference — the bottom module they come with. 

The Dual Screen Combo comes equipped with the Front Touchscreen Module that is perfect for vlogging.

The Power Combo comes with the Battery Module that extends battery life up to 180 minutes.

You can learn more about the differences between each combo with our Action 2 Combo Comparison.

See how to change the language with this short video

It is recommended that DJI Action 2 is used with one of the following microSD cards:

Samsung Evo Plus 128 GB
Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB

Yes. The Action 2 is waterproof in depths up to 10m.

Alternatively, you can equip the Action 2 Waterproof Case for underwater use up to 60m.

The DJI Action 2 lens can be gently cleaned with a lens cloth.


DJI Action 2 uses RockSteady 2.0 technology to stabilize footage. This Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology is realized by increasing the shutter speed, analyzing the images captured by the CMOS sensor, and compensating by cutting off the edges of these images. In this way, multiple frames are overlaid and finally combined into a single frame that is sharp, clear, and accurately exposed.

HorizonSteady uses DJI's latest stabilization algorithm to lock onto a levelled horizon in every frame, regardless of how the camera is mounted or worn. It allows you to capture smooth and stable footage whether you are cycling on bumpy roads or go-karting around a track.


The footage shot with the DJI Action 2 Camera Unit is saved to the internal storage.

The footage shot with the DJI Action 2 Camera Unit when connected to the Front Touchscreen Module or Power Module is saved to the microSD card.

The footage stored in the internal storage can be exported to the microSD card when the Action 2 Camera Unit is connected to the Front Touchscreen Module or Power Module.

The DJI Mimo app allows you to control DJI Action 2, sync photos and videos, edit, and share.

In photo and video mode, rotate DJI Action 2 by 90°, and the system will automatically change to Portrait mode. However, if HorizonSteady is enabled, Action 2 can only shoot in Landscape mode.


The DJI Action 2 has a battery life of up to 70 minutes.

Connect the Front Touchscreen module for up to 160 minutes of operation.

Connect the Power module for up to 180 minutes of operation.

No. The DJI Action 2 battery cannot be swapped out. However, the Action 2 Power Module can be hot-swapped for virtually endless operation.


The Front Touchscreen Module, Power Module, Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount, and Magnetic Adapter Mount all have a built-in magnetic lock that ensures a firm connection between units in active motion scenarios.

The Magnetic Lanyard and Magnetic Headband use an attachment plate that is more suitable for daily lifestyle scenarios. The Macro Lens magnetically connects directly to the camera. Activities involving strenuous movements should be avoided when using these accessories.

Yes. The DJI Action 2 can be mounted to a tripod or other accessories via the 1/4" screw hole at the bottom of the Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount.

Compatible tripods and grips for the Action 2 include:

Mini Tripod for Osmo Action


Yes. You can connect DJI Action 2 with a third-party microphone through the USB-C port via the 3.5mm adapter.

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