PGYTECH Mavic 3 UV Filter (Professional)

Item Code: P-26A-033

Protect Your Lens
Use this Mavic 3 UV Filter to protect the lens and sensors whilst blocking out blue light to prevent blue tinges when shooing in open spaces such as the sea or large field.

AUD $39.00 

PGYTECH Mavic 3 UV Filter (Professional)


The filter has a hard coating that protects the lens and sensors by preventing UV light from entering the camera. It blocks out blue light which prevents images from looking bluish or whitish when shooting in open spaces like at sea or in large fields. High transmittance, doesn't affect image sharpness.


▪ Professional Optical Glass

▪ Double-sided coating making it water, oil and scratch resistant

In the Box

1 x PGYTECH Mavic 3 UV Filter (Professional)


Material: Aluminium, optical glass
Weight: 5.7 grams


DJI Mavic 3
DJI Mavic 3 Cine